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Zine Librarian at Barnard College, publisher of Lower East Side Librarian, Before I Forget, and Unprecedented zines.

IZLUC2020 Zine: Call for Contributions

The International Zine Librarians unConference 2020 was a breathtaking experience and collaboration. Let’s document how we made it happen and our feels about it.

IZLUC logo (title around globe with zine in the middle) with "the zine" added across the zine portion.We want to cover the topics listed on this spreadsheet and welcome others. Contributions can take the form of narratives, lists, recipes, limericks, comics, or whatever you’ve got, but note that the mission is providing documentation for next time. You can layout your own piece or leave the design to the co-editors. Just be sure to leave us a nice margin!

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IZLuC2020 Spokes Notes: 19 September 2020

We are preparing for the International Zine Librarians (un) Conference, to be held online October 30-November 2, 2020 (start and end dates vary by timezone!)

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Screen cap of zine librarian on Zoom

On Saturday 19th September, 22.00 – 22.30 UTC we held a meeting of representatives from all the different spokes (working groups) working on organising IZL(u)C. The meeting was facilitated by Lilith, notes were taken by Kelly M. In attendance were Ziba and Milo (Outreach and Promotion), Matthew (Technology), Kelly S, Kelsey and Ella (Programming), Kelly M and Lilith (Co-ordinating)

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IZLuC Spokes Notes: 5 September 2020

We are preparing for the International Zine Librarians (un) Conference, to be held on the internet October 31-November 2, 2020. (may vary by timezone)

We held a meeting on Saturday, September 5 from 22:00-23:30 UTC. The meeting was facilitated by Jenna, notes were taken by Kelly S., and in attendance were Ziba, Milo, and April representing Outreach and Promotion, Matthew for Technology, Jenna with the Coordinating working group, Kelly S. for Social, and Rhonda, as yet unaffiliated. Not represented: Programming and Documentation. Continue reading

International Zine Librarians Unconference: another chance to get involved

As you may be aware, this year’s North American zine librarians unconference was canceled due to Covid-19. While not being able to meet with folks face-to-face in Montréal was a disappointment, canceling the in-person event gave rise to organizing an online conference with no participation costs and the opportunity for international involvement.

We held a mini/pilot-version of the event on International Zine Library Day. We had participation from at least six countries, including Chile and Japan, as well as Anglophone nations and had one primarily Spanish session.

The larger scale conference will take place Halloween through Día de los Muertos 2020. We’re looking for more people to contribute to organizing efforts, and hope you’ll consider joining.

Ziba Perez and Jenna Freedman will lead two orientations on Saturday, August 15. We hope you can make one of them! If you want to help, but can’t make an orientation, let us know, and we’ll try to hook you up another way.

Zoom for Saturday at UTC 17:00 (that is 7am in Honolulu, 10am in LA, 1pm in Brooklyn, 2pm in Halifax, and 7pm in Rome, and 3am Sunday in Melbourne)

Zoom for Saturday at UTC 22:00 (that is 12pm in Honolulu, 3pm in LA, 6pm in Brooklyn, 7pm in Halifax, 12am Sunday in Rome, and in 8am Sunday Melbourne)

If you’re in a location that is not well-served by these times, we’ll do our best to schedule another orientation that does.


Fave Codes of Conduct/Guidelines for Participation

During International Zine Month 2020, zine librarians will host an online, international event, following by a longer, more intensive zine librarians shindig later in 2020. We would like to set some guidelines (code of conduct, safer/braver spaces policy, open to other ways to identify these guidelines). The coordination working group will propose something to the rest of the organizers, based on the most useful elements from other codes/policies/guidelines.

speech bubble that has words and phrases like,

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We invite you to share your favorites here in the comments. You do not need an account to comment.