Fave Codes of Conduct/Guidelines for Participation

During International Zine Month 2020, zine librarians will host an online, international event, following by a longer, more intensive zine librarians shindig later in 2020. We would like to set some guidelines (code of conduct, safer/braver spaces policy, open to other ways to identify these guidelines). The coordination working group will propose something to the rest of the organizers, based on the most useful elements from other codes/policies/guidelines.

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10 thoughts on “Fave Codes of Conduct/Guidelines for Participation

    • This statement’s direction to participants who experience harassment to contact the organizers reminds me that a big challenge I have seen my child have with the transition to remote learning is not being able to communicate with a presenter– either because the presenter is focused on presenting or the chat has been disabled for reasons or no reason, or because of a technical glitch. Going on month five of isolation, I really can’t tell how much this is a common challenge in remote environments, but it just makes me think that it’s worth being direct and clear with whatever guidelines we use as a boilerplate, who, exactly, to contact if a) a participant is experiencing harassment or b) observing what they think *may* be harassment (or noticing a participant in seeming distress) and then c) if they need technical assistance (because it may be different for a/b/c)

    • I love these! Just problematic-seeming to me to say “we encourage you to reach out to us to investigate and take proper action” without having a consensus on what proper action is. See Contributor Covenant below. -jfs

    • I love these too. These seem especially up-to-date and trauma informed. Makes sense re: the organization. I like how they say in their section on accountability that they follow principles of transformative justice, though that may be vague for some readers. jfs

    • I love the clarity at the end regarding enforcement guidelines because there is clarity. I have not been to a zine unconference before, perhaps I am overvaluing clarity in this context! I defer to everyone who has more experience than I do on this front, of course. jfs

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