Zine Pavilion

The Zine Pavilion is put together by an informal group of librarians from the United States and Canada. During the American Library Association (ALA) annual conference, we staff a dedicated space on the conference exhibit floor that is all about zines. We display hundreds of donated zines to give an idea of the wide range of topics & formats of zines and we bring in zinesters from the local community to sell their own work. We usually have events including a zine reading and workshops as well. Our goal is to inform library workers about how they might incorporate zines into their libraries and share the many resources available to help.

We’re grateful for the support of ALA in providing space for us to host the Zine Pavilion, as well as everyone who donates zines and/or comes to table with us!

Interested in finding out more about the Zine Pavilion or volunteering to help? You can find us on social media (Tumblr, Twitter) or email us at zinepavilion at gmail dot com.

Three people browsing the wall of zines from the 2015 Zine Pavilion

Browsing donated zines at the 2015 Zine Pavilion in San Francisco

photo of people sitting at tables where they have their zines for sale. The Zine Pavilion display is in the background

Tablers at the 2017 Zine Pavilion in Chicago

people standing and sitting at a long table with many free zines

volunteers and organizers giving out zines at the 2019 Zine Pavilion in Washington DC

eight people sitting in a semicircle in front of multiple people seated while listening to the speaker

Incarcerated People as Zinesters panel at the 2023 Zine Pavilion in Chicago

The handout for the June 2015 ALA preconference session “Zines in Libraries: Collecting, Cataloging, and Community” contains information and tips on getting administration approval for a zine collection, cataloging, preservation, outreach ideas, and more. Click on the image below for a printable pdf.

Zine Pavilion 2015 preconference handout "Zines in Libraries: Collecting, Cataloging, Community"

You can also check out a brief history of the Pavilion with this zine created for our 5th anniversary in 2016, edited by Zine Pavilion organizer Matthew Murray. Click on the image below for a printable pdf.

Cover image of the anniversary Zine Pavilion zine (2016)