zine union catalog

A group of zine librarians, catalogers, metadataists, archivists, and developers are working to create a shared library catalog for zines from libraries with disparate metadata schemas and controlled (or not-so-controlled) vocabularies. Our goal is to create a Linked Open Data catalog which can be contributed to and used by anyone from the largest research institutions to the smallest anarchist libraries (something like an open source WorldCat specifically for zines).

Milo of QZAP made a fantastic zine in April 2013 that describes the history of the union catalog (beginning with the first Zine Librarians unConference in 2009) and our hopes for its future (printable pdf copy). This zine also describes xZINECOREx, a metadata standard based on Dublin Core, consisting of basic metadata elements and intended to be a starting point for independent libraries and librarians to participate in shared cataloging efforts.

Zinecore zine cover

Since then, a core group of zine librarians has been meeting regularly to discuss possible avenues forward. We’ve further refined the xZINECOREx schema and have moved onto challenges such as shared metadata (what we’re calling ZiMM, or Zine Mutual Metadata) and where the catalog will be hosted.

We’re looking for more folks to give us perspectives on how we really get this thing going. If you are a creative problem solver, zine enthusiast, LOD fanatic, or just want to hang out on the line between cool and nerdy, please get in touch!

Check out the Zine Union Catalog at zinecat.org!

Mailing list (primarily used to set up meetings): http://lists.qzap.org/listinfo.cgi/zlunioncat-qzap.org

Our notes from meetings live on this Etherpad: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/zineunioncatalog