Zines in Libraries: Selecting, Purchasing, and Processing

Zicover of Zines in Libraries book. The graphic is idk a multicolored eyeball spirograph?nes in Libraries: Selecting, Purchasing, and Processing, edited by Lauren DeVoe and Sara Duff, was published by ALA Editions in December, 2021. Here we attempt to share institutional repository copies of individual chapters.

Chapter 1 Introduction: Zines in Libraries
Meg Metcalf

Chapter 2 The Importance of Acquiring Zines
Joan Jocson-Singh

Chapter 3 Zine Collection Development: Policy, Selection, and Promotion
Katrin Abel

Chapter 4 Genre, Context, and Purpose in Contemporary Latin American Fanzines
Joshua Lupkin

Chapter 5 Zines in School Libraries
Mica Johnson

Chapter 6 Zines Online
Marta Chudolinska

Chapter 7 Zines and Acquisitions: Adventure and Conundrum
Lauren DeVoe

Chapter 8 The Barnard Zine Library: The Controlled and the Wild
Jenna Freedman

Chapter 9 The Zine Union Catalog
Lauren Kehoe

Chapter 10 Circulating Zines
Ziba Pérez

Chapter 11 Zine Preservation
Jeremy Brett

Chapter 12 Our Zine Futures: A Call for Accessible, Inclusive and Diverse Zine Communities
Ann Matsushima Chiu (A’misa)