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The zine libraries interest group is a collective of people interested in all aspects of zine libraries. The group is very informal and most of the activity takes place on the zine librarians e-mail list. No credentials are required to be a part of the action—if you care about sharing and preserving zines, we’re glad to have you!

ZineLibraries.info was created in 2007 to share resources regarding collections, programming, preservation, and the promotion of zine collections beyond the email list. We would like ZineLibraries.info to exist as a place where zine librarians of all stripes can share information, documentation, advice and news pertinent to zine libraries worldwide. We welcome zine librarians and archivists to sign up, log in, create content, post blog entries and to use this site in whatever ways best support and improve zine libraries everywhere!

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  1. Hi Zine Dream Team,

    I was at Mashcat this past Wednesday and really appreciated the zine project session for all the context and info. It certainly made me think about discovery layer/name authority/linked data possibilities for a very awesome project, and I would love to continue the conversation in some way. Thanks.

  2. Hello-

    I hope you are well!

    I am an independent librarian and I have created the website http://www.reparationslibrary.org to express my thoughts about the intersection of American reparations and public library services. (It is very new; a work in progress that can be draining at times, so website is still being added to…)

    Additionally, I have published a short book/reader/zine about the ills of racism and mental health (I Deserved A Diagnosis). I am hoping to gain support from libraries that may wish to purchase the zine/reader, or at least get the information to librarians who may be able to inform others that need the resource. The POC Zine Project does not seem to be active currently, so I am looking for other outlets to inform of my project.

    Thank you so much in advance.

  3. I edited and produced a zine out of St. Louis from 1994-1997 called Sink Full of Dishes (4 of the 13 issues are online). I have @100 zines that I obtained in trade from that time period that I would like to donate to a library that collects zines. Most of them are primarily illustrated zines (comix). All are in excellent condition. Ideally I’d be reimbursed the postage cost, but not absolutely necessary. I just don’t want to recycle them.

  4. Hi,
    I am a librarian at Highland Park Library in New Jersey and we are holding a Zine making workshop next week for the first time! A question about permissions has come up and I was wondering how you handle it. We were planning to ask the participants to donate a copy of their Zines to the library if they wanted to. I thought that would be the only permission we would need. But now the powers that be think we need to have some sort of form that they fill out and sign. Does your organization do that and would you be willing to share it with me?
    thank you for your time,

  5. Hello . I am a homeschool pod teacher and am looking to make zines with my students next block(starting in 2 weeks!) and I am having a hard time finding some fun/educational zines to use as examples. Any leads???

  6. guys, thank you so freaking much for the shelving options article. I’m pretty sure it just cured my depression as someone with a box full of zines buried under each other.

  7. I have copies of the zines Waterfront Week and zines from the late 1980s and early 1990s Williamsburg art scene. I am looking for libraries to place my collection in as I am afraid that as I grow older the collection would be lost if I die. Could you recommend a librarian or curator in New York City to contact about housing a copy of the collection?

  8. Hello,
    My name is Amy and I am a Library Technician at a secondary boarding school. It was. suggested to me that I add my email address to the zinelibraries list serv. Is this the correct way of doin that?
    Thanks very much for your help,

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