child's arms cutting out an image of a microphone

Providing a variety of clip art images encourages zinesters to create! Photo courtesy Kelly Wooten

What supplies are required to make a zine? Very few! The beauty of zines is their accessibility, since you only need paper, something to write with, and access to a copier to share your ideas with the world.

If you want to encourage zine-making in your space you’ll need supplies. Below is a list of things you might consider adding:


  • paper
  • scissors
  • glue sticks
  • copier / printer
  • long-arm stapler or booklet stapler (zine librarian Kelly Wooten suggests the Eagle Swivel stapler as a cheap/portable option, and the Bostitch No-Jam Booklet Stapler as a more expensive but reliable option that’s physically less demanding than a long-arm stapler)
gluesticks, markers, and stickers

Glue sticks galore! Photo courtesy Kelly Wooten

Nice to have:

  • paper cutter
  • bone folders
  • typewriter
  • scanner
  • tape
  • washi tape
  • collage supplies
    • patterned origami paper
    • scrapbooking paper
    • deaccessioned magazines
    • discarded books
    • dust jackets
  • vinyl letters
  • stencils
  • cardstock
  • X-ACTO knives/box cutter
  • thread (embroidery floss or waxed thread)
  • wide eye needles
  • awl
  • zine library swag (for example: stickers, bookmarks, postcards, mini-zines)

If you anticipate taking zine-making to different spaces, consider investing in a portable supply organizer (often sold as yarn/tool/scrapbook crafting supply organizers).

collage of three photos showing a box of supplies open and closed

The UCIMC Zine Library keeps supplies in an accordion box for easy portability to pop-up library events! Pre-made mini-zines can encourage even the most reserved people to create. Photo courtesy Kathryn La Barre.