Zine Librarians Speakers Bureau

Looking for a zine librarian to present at your event? Here are a few suggestions of people to invite:

Name Contact Affiliation, if any Areas of interest & expertise Willing to present for kids & schools Willing to speak about being BIPOC Willing to negotiate fee
Tavian Hunter thunter@
Stuart Hall Library, Iniva Black & Asian artists zines on topics of race, gender and class no yes yes
Isabel Ann Castro (she/her) isabelanncastro
San Anto Zine Library Texas zines, Latinx zines. yes yes yes
Ziba Perez ZibaZehdar
Public Libraries/Starting a Zine Library/Making Zines/Bilingual Zines
yes yes yes
Lauren Jade Martin laurenjademartin
riot grrrl; perzines; history of zines; community-based zine libraries
not yet yes yes
Kat Johnston Katjohns1
disability, chronic illness, Judaism, minicomics, art zines, collaborative zines
yes yes yes
Cathy Camper cfastwolf
Arab American, diversity, collaboration, self-expression and self-empowerment through zines, brief history of zines, hands-on how to make zines/minicomics, including collage as commentary
yes yes yes

We do not have a set or recommended rate. We suggest whatever you’d pay a white guy to talk about technology.

The above zine librarians hold one or more marginalized identities, including race or ethnicity. They can speak on a range of zine librarianship topics.

BIPOC/BAME zine librarians (MLIS not required!), add your information by editing this page, making a comment, or emailing zines@barnard.edu.