IZLUC2020 Debrief Held 21 November UTC 22:00

Faciliator: Kelly M
Notes: Jenna
Attending: André, April, Ella, Jenna, Kelly, Kelsey, Matthew, Milo, Ziba

five warm fuzzy balls in different colors, with the title

I. Icebreaker: What’s something you’re looking forward to?

(no notes)

II. Reviewing the feedback from attendees — what stands out? Anything that requires immediate attention?

    1. observation that time zones were confusing (time zones are confusing)
    2. people wanted it to be a more traditional conference, not an unconference
    3. screenshots permissions should have been sought: write into braver spaces text going forward
    4. community care policy was appreciated
    5. people were stoked about the event, got a lot of good feedback, especially the international element
    6. unconference unclear to some attendees (and organizers?)
    7. should we extend the event
    8. Ziba apologizes about the screenshots
    9. host regional conferences to decrease time zone confusion
    10. more non-English language sessions
    11. maybe just share in UTC and let people figure the time out for themselves
    12. would also like an extended/less intense schedule
    13. look forward to seeing how to continue to sustain the community

III. What comes next for us? ZineWiki isn’t ready for an edit-a-thon, is there another event bubbling up? How do we want to proceed as a group of organizers?

    1. people with the energy should go ahead and schedule
    2. topic-based regualr meet ups
    3. grab a partner holding one or more different identites or nationalities for coordinating events (maybe not mandatory)
    4. make a zine about coordinating this event: describe and document (Jenna sharing a spreadsheet from a similar project) ACTION: Ella and Jenna will coordinate
    5. [discord questions and learning discussion: suggest that you pop out your video and read the channel)
    6. Matthew: would like to do wiki editing, will organize
    7. zine ethics conversation: needs to be revived, re: social media, digitization, take down requests André can take on the whipping role
    8. make sure others feel empowered to use the infrastructure elements (zinelibraries.info, discord, zine librarians email list, etc.)
    9. reach out to presenters. Can coordinators of each session contact to their panelists, tour guides to sustain contact?
    10. great way to organize is to shout out ideas and see who’s interested and proceed–as a way to model that anyone can make something happen
    11. DONE: Matthew will look into giving additional permissions to participants, to create channels, for example. Everyone can now add channels to “Ongoing Projects”!
    12. Kelly will check in sometime in late January about another open session/progress report
    13. What’s going on with documentation? Who gets the documentation?

IV. Kudos — time to share some gratitude for one another

    1. Lilith for organizing international events
    2. Lilith for organizing in general
    3. Ziba for attending every panel, for social media work
    4. people who presented as well as organized (e.g., lightning talks)
    5. everyone for creating a welcoming atmosphere
    6. everyone for fortitude when we all have a lot of other shit going on
    7. Milo for all their graphics
    8. Kelsey for lightning talk and technology struggles and keeping cool
    9. Jenna for facilitating so many sessions
    10. Matthew for technical support and this discord
    11. april for lightning talk and promo and being cool, especially the last few days when things were intense
    12. Kelly and Jenna: nudges and offers of support, facilitating meetings
    13. Jenna: lightning talk
    14. Ziba: attending all the events and social media
    15. Matthew: Discord channel and tech support
    16. Ella: help with programming stuff
    17. André and Jenna: thanks for tech rescues
    18. Lilith for an incredible amount of work
    19. Milo for graphics
    21. DITTO to all that’s been said
    22. this group feels different. It takes a lot to want to spend a Saturday afternoon online. Everyone helped move something along at some point. How everyone shows up.
    23. programmers, structure and content were great
    24. Kelsey’s programming
    25. Warm fuzziness all around!

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