IZLUC2020 Debrief Held 7 November UTC 22:00

Cap in Hand song lyrics in a guitarHere are the notes from our meeting! Action items highlighted.

Faciliator: Kelly M
Notes: Jenna
Attending: André, Ella, Jenna, Kelly M., Kelsey, Lilith, Matthew, Milo, Ziba (at the very end)

Icebreaker: favorite protest song (thanks Kelly S!)

  • Silver Bullet – Bring Forth the Guillotine (not actually a protest song…)
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
  • Fight the Power
  • The Proclaimers: Cap in Hand
  • Phil Ochs generally
  • Bread and Roses
  • Billy Bragg generally
  • Solidarity Forever
  • All You Fascists Are Bound to Lose

Debrief: highs & lows of IZLUC2020 — what worked well? what might we change in the future?

    1. What worked well
      1. so many people from different countries ++++++
      2. relationship building from session to session
      3. process reminiscent of Queeruption: international and DIY (from end of April on)
      4. not having institutional support felt good–not being hosted by an institutional library. like being a nebulous group.
      5. decentralized. not having to ask boss about anything. “no one had to get the keys from anyone”
      6. positive unconference sessions, breakout rooms, camaraderie with people we didn’t know.
      7. seeing different people lead.
      8. organizing structure allowed different people to lead sessions, even if they weren’t in Keybase
      9. appreciated sharing in the backroom
      10. different styles worked for different sessions
      11. unconference style sessions that fed from the programming worked well
      12. responsiveness and flexibility worked for unconference sessions
      13. ignite sessions (but fewer people and acknowledge that they’d go long)
      14. all the sessons were great
      15. liked intros at the beginning of every session
    2. what might we change
      1. let’s not do it during a time change weekend again
      2. one account for all the video might make it easier to troubleshoot/technology to support
      3. ability to attend all of the sessions!
      4. would like to hear more about the workload of people who worked a lot of the sessions
      5. unconference sessions need to be proposed, awkward for coordinator
      6. unconference sessions could have been shorter
      7. was three days too many?
      8. how to facilitate an unconference session session
      9. continue to increase capacity building (supporting new ZLIG leaders)
      10. adapt to cultural differences in the use of Zoom–US folks are chattier than others
      11. space for sessions in other languages (keep trying)
      12. support for people in other countries to create independent zine librarian sessions
      13. Crypt pad was hard to use, find a diferrent document sharing program to use
      14. personal zoom not having the functionality as institutional pro accounts
      15. unconference chunks needed more structure
      16. maybe spread out over ten days instead of concentrated in three?
      17. racial and ethnic diversity in North America still needs work
      18. should we offer BIPOC/BAME the travel grant even when we’re not traveling?
      19. captions need to be responsive to different accents (if that’s even possible): we may need to pay people. Action: Kelly M has a student worker who can help clean up captions.
      20. include language about screenshot in intro

Going forward:

    1. Systems – do we continue to use Keybase/Cryptpad? How often do we schedule these planning meetings?
      1. more people, more perspectives, more diversity
      2. kind of hate Zoom as a tool
      3. hybrid event next time: IRL + online
      4. hard to know what the next week is going to be like, much less the next three months or year. don’t lose what we’ve learned from this. document and make transparent. in zine form!
      5. what can we do with discord? everything can happen within the tool.
      6. alternate years: with online and in person conferences
      7. regional conferences: not one main event anymore
      8. from a public library perspective, it was great being able to do it online and not over the summer
      9. ready to double down on this format because who knows what will happen with travel
      10. check in with SF hosting team what they’re thinking about next summer
      11. what happened with folks that organized J21 and didn’t continue with IZLUC, a lot of them being in the UK (did American’s talk too much on Zoom)?
      12. decentralize academic librarians in the zine librarian community
      13. move from Keybase to Discord?
        1. there can be hidden channels, fyi
        2. discord not as secure
        3. Kelly figure out how to download Keybase content
      14. spokes concept wasn’t super clear to people
      15. Jenna: check in with Alan about ZineWiki editathon on 11/27
      16. try to make time zones less confusing (worked well on Facebook)
      17. next meeting November 21: on Discord
      18. Lilith will work on sharing feedback
      19. Coordinating : poll for new meeting time for next time?
      20. make time for kudos at the next meeting
    2. Programming & other follow ups – add your ideas!
      1. cataloging meet-ups
      2. zinewiki: Matthew organize 11/27 editathon
      3. zinemaking/pen palling
      4. zine library tours
      5. regular lightning talks
      6. zinecat working group revival
      7. Zine readings
      8. readers’ advisory for zines
      9. research/writing sessions
      10. code of ethics update
      11. go over feedback forms

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