IZLuC2020 Spokes Notes: 10 October 2020

Meeting October 10, 2020, 22:00 UTC

Facilitator: Jenna
Notes: Matthew
Present: André, April, Jenna, Lauren, Lilith, Matthew, Milo, Ziba (I think we’re missing someone?)

Icebreaker: free chit chat on mundane topics

Timeline & to do check-ins

  • merch
    • Pay someone for us or put the logo up on a website?
    • Jenna thought we’d go to our favourite button maker or similar
    • People feel they want stuff but don’t have the energy to make anything right now
    • Was this a fundraising idea or just people wanting cool stuff?
    • Fulfilment? How do you order? Who do you order from? International shipping?
    • Save it for the November debrief?
  • web presence
    • Do we want something other than the wiki?
    • Is this technology’s job or outreach and promotion’s job?
    • We’re already using the wiki for previous zlucs, so it makes sense to leave it there
    • Only a few weeks until event, so is it worth our effort to create a new thing?
  • publish schedule
    • Is anyone an expert in putting tables into WordPress?
  • feedback survey
    • Does anyone want to work on adapting or cloning the form?
    • When do we want to do this? Immediately?  A week after?
      • As soon as possible is suggested
    • Ensure facilitators share any assessment things during wrap up of sessions
    • It can be shorter since we’re not planning another event asap
    • Really simple (one question?)  assessment form
      • Who is responsible for it?
    • Is it worth doing it if we’re not going  to actually “do” anything with the assessment?
    • Knowing what works/what doesn’t work is useful
    • Getting some feedback is still useful even if we don’t “do” anything with it
    • Have people read it and report back in some form (make a zine?)
    • Do something in person during last session of last day of each zone?
    • Why not both?
    • Feedback forms might allow accessibility concerns to be raised
    • Ensure assessment forms are multilingual
    • Nobody specifically wants to do it, so coordinating is going  to work on on it more (hurray!)
  • sign-up/Event Brite issues?
    • Last time people didn’t find links
      • That always happens during events
    • Can systems be set up to autosend links?
      • Do we want to do this?
      • Waiting until the day before allows for better security (zoombombing is not fun)
      • Sessions can provide info for a google doc or discord server that provide info for future sessions
    • What do we do for people that want to register late?
      • People monitoring email to see if people are trying
      • Funneling people to specific communication places (e.g. don’t message us on instagram, etc.)
    • When folks sign up are we asking about accommodations?
    • Do we want to have separate links/rooms for each session?
      • Last time we kept them separate because of potential confusion with programmed sessions running long
      • Technology will deal with this
  • live-tweeting schedule
    • What do we want this to look like?
      • Screenshots, quoting sessions, promoting events, responding to questions, live note taking
      • retweeting others (hashtags)
    • Which accounts are being used?
      • @ZineLUC > password had to be distributed
    • Sign up sheet for slots
      • April/Ziba
    • Have documentation capture info from tweets and put it…somewhere
      • Linked to other notes taken during sessions

DEI check-ins

  • Captioning
    • ai vs person
  • Sign language interpretation
  • Alt text on images
  • Best practices for different parts of conference
    • Request for best practices for twitter
    • Best practices for presenters in regards to how to work with captioning info
  • what do we need to pay for?
  • Registration form asking for accommodations/accessibility needs​​​​​​

Anything else from

  • technology
    • Discord
      • Should we get one?  What should we do with it?
      • Used by others as community building spaces or for specific events
      • Technology will explore this
  • programming
    • Technology will set up registration thing (just register for entire unconference and get all emails)
    • Does programming have people for each day/slot?
    • Jenna will ask programming to put spreadsheet in chronological order or ask if they mind if someone else does this
  • outreach & promotion
    • Setting up promo images for twitter/instagram/etc.
    • Does anyone other than Milo want to do this? Milo will ask for help if necessary
  • documentation
    • will set up the the notes links on the website
  • DEI
  • coordinating

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