IZLuC2020 Spokes Notes: 3 October 2020

We are preparing for the International Zine Librarians (un) Conference, to be held online October 30-November 2, 2020 (start and end dates vary by timezone!)

On Saturday 3rd October, we held a meeting of representatives from all the different spokes (working groups) working on organizing IZL(u)C. The meeting was facilitated by Kelly M., notes were taken by Lilith. In attendance were April, Ziba, and Milo (Outreach and Promotion), Andre and Ella (Programming), Kelly M, Lilith, and Jenna (Coordinating), and Kat.

At previous meetings, we had discussed having an accessibility/inclusion role within each spoke, but that hasn’t come together. Instead, we landed on the idea of an additional spoke that will help guide spokes through an audit, through a set of a questions to explore how we are making choices related to accessibility, anti-racism, and other social justice commitments.

We also discussed the website — Milo agreed to post content as folks send it to them. Andre is available for wordsmithing.

The bulk of the meeting was spent on updates from the spokes:
Programming reiterated their plan for blocks across timezones over the three days. There was discussion of whether a single 24-hour period would be easier to navigate, but Programming will work with Outreach and Promotion to get out easy-to-navigate information to help clarify.
Outreach and Promotion presented a number of questions for Technology.
Technology is working on figuring out captioning, other needs for the day-of.
Coordinating has held several open sessions to generate ideas for unconference topics; topics generated at previous (un)Conferences are also up for use. If it would be worth holding additional open sessions the week before, we can do that.

The next spokes meeting will be on Saturday 10 October at 22:00 UTC. If you want to get involved in organizing or want to coordinate one of the three-hour IZL(u)C blocks, join zlibrarians_2020 on Keybase or email zineluc@gmail.com.

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