IZLuC2020 Spokes Notes: 17 October 2020

We are preparing for IZL(u)C 2020 – to be held online October 30 – Nov 1 (start and end dates vary by timezone!) For more info see: http://zinelibraries.info/wiki/zluc2020/

On Saturday 17th October, 22.00 – 23.00 UTC we held a meeting of reps from the different spokes (working groups) working together on organising IZL(u)C 2020. The meeting was facilitated by Lilith, notes were taken by Ziba. In attendance were Ziba and Milo (outreach and promo), Kelsey, Andre and Ella (programming), Matthew (tech), Jenna and Lilith (co-ordinating).

The main focus of the meeting was checking in with spokes, following up on action items from the previous week and seeing what needed to be done the following week.

DEI – DEI weren’t represented but were in touch to say that the best practices guides requested should be put up for feedback by middle of the week.

Documentation – Documentation weren’t represented, but fed in their plans for notetaking and otherwise recording. We discussed what would or wouldn’t be recorded, and there seemed consensus that, as with J21, unconference sessions wouldn’t be directly recorded, but instead captured in notes, archiving chats etc. There was a reminder to make sure everyone involved (esp.panellists or speakers) knew what was/wasn’t recorded or archived from sessions.

Programming – Programming fed back that, since there had been so much change with the addition of new blocks, the previous one pager wasn’t really serving its purpose. Working with Outreach & Promotion, they’ll produce an example one day, one page schedule with copy, for O-P to experiment with turning into a page and creating tables for.

Outreach Promotion – O-P requested copy for the programmed elements by wednesday this coming week, in order to start promoting.

Technology – Technology demoed Discord on screenshare, and was ok-d to go off and experiment with creating one for the next meeting. They also shared the working registration form, as a wordpress plug in, and agreed to continue to refine this and create a plan (workflow?) for how sign-ups would work.

Co-ordinating – Co-ordinating fed back some ideas for an evaluation form, but wanted clarification from spokes about purpose and also when this would be provided. They’ll put some ideas to tech for the following week. Co-ordinating also took on organising some ‘facilitating an unconference session’ sessions for organisers.

The next meeting will be Saturday 24th October 2020, 22:00 UTC

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