IZLuC Spokes Notes: 5 September 2020

We are preparing for the International Zine Librarians (un) Conference, to be held on the internet October 31-November 2, 2020. (may vary by timezone)

We held a meeting on Saturday, September 5 from 22:00-23:30 UTC. The meeting was facilitated by Jenna, notes were taken by Kelly S., and in attendance were Ziba, Milo, and April representing Outreach and Promotion, Matthew for Technology, Jenna with the Coordinating working group, Kelly S. for Social, and Rhonda, as yet unaffiliated. Not represented: Programming and Documentation.

  1. We decided to go with International Zine Librarians (un) Conference as the event’s name.
  2. Milo shared the logo they drafted, which is stored in the Keybase Outreach & Promotion folder in different colors and file types.
  3. Spokes model refresher:
    Each working group should have a representative, who is empowered to make decisions for their group.
    If a decision is too complex for a decision in the spokes council, representatives will bring it to their group to discuss.
    All are welcome to attend.
  4. Timeline review. We might want to scale down.
    Suggestion from Matthew: let’s make all the sessions unconference sessions. Minimize programming.
    Additional events, like hacks and zine library tours can be spread throughout the year.
  5. Money: do we need it, for translation and captioning services?
    And/or: should we raise money for zine librarians (and zinesters) financially impacted by the pandemic? Here is a model for how that could happen.
  6. Cryptpad tips:
    Create a login. This is a non-predatory tool, private, open source tool.
    Join the IZLUC drive (you’ll need the password, which you can have if you join us or just ask someone)
    Share files using the access link, not the URL. The URL won’t work.
  7. Keybase tips:
    Mute a channel for yourself –> go to channel –> click on the “i in circle” –> click on gear –> click on mute

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