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The ZLuC 2024 call for proposals ended April 30th. The information below is being saved for posterity (and maybe future ZLuC discussions!).



The Programming Brigade is loving the proposals so far, and has some ideas to encourage folks to sign up to share.

Instruction/Outreach-themed Session Ideas

  • Zine syllabi for college courses– have you taught or participated in a semester-long course focused on zines? Share your syllabi!
  • One-shot shares– do you teach with zines in any kind of setting where you only get about an hour with the learners? Bring your strategies/activities, like Zine-go, Six Degrees of Kathleen Hanna [this is a made-up exercise that doesn’t exist yet], or  others to share and discuss.
  • My favorite student-created zine– In theory, if you are working with instructors whose students create zines, they should be sharing some of the outcomes with you. (just a thought!) Bring your favorite student-created zine to admire and celebrate.
  • Wholesome Zines for Youths– Do you work with folks under 18 and want to spread the joy of zines without cusses or explicit content? What strategies do you have, and what kinds of zines do you share? Help build a kid-friendly reading list! Bring a copy or two if you have good ones to share! This session is about centering kids’ interests and comfort levels, not censoring the content.

Zine-making WITH technology –

  • Milo from QZAP will talk about using Adobe InDesign for zine layout.
  • Do you use Canva?
  • Google docs? Some unnamed third thing? Share your tips?

Eff the System- Strategies for zine libraries in repressive times 

  • Are you a library worker facing threats and repercussions related to zines in your library, content of zines, activism related to zines, or other repression of political expression?
  • Share your stories and strategies; ask for help and ideas for supporting vulnerable library workers/libraries; how to support library users; supporting zine creators
  • Proactive ways to use zines in libraries as sites of resistance
  • Strategies for not getting in trouble while using zines as political speech

Brag-a-thon / Rag-a-thon 

  • Did you do something awesome? Share how u done it good.
  • Did you fail spectacularly or have regrets? Share how u might do it differently. Getting things wrong is how we learn together!