Call for Propsosals

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The call for proposals closed April 30th. Responses will be shared with those who submitted proposals by June 3rd.

We would love your participation in this year’s 2024 Zine Librarians unConference (New York City) on August 3rd and 4th at NYU.

***The programming working group will endeavor to accept every proposal made***. We may combine proposals if they cover similar topics or to make a miscellaneous panel with proposals that don’t overlap. *

We will consider proposals for remotely facilitated sessions, as well as in-person.  To further define “remotely facilitated sessions,” we are going to offer up to five pre-recorded sessions and will host them online a few days before, during, and after ZLuC.  On the day’s of the unConference, we will set times for the recordings to be viewed together and are hoping that the presenter(s) will be available to zoom in for a Q&A if they are not on site.

People may make as many proposals as they like, but we will limit presenters to two (2) sessions total so that we hear from a wider variety of zine librarians.

Proposals are due on April 30, 2024, and responses will be given by June 3rd. We will ask you to confirm your acceptance by June 15.

*(unless the consensus is that the topic is inappropriate for whatever reason, like any kind of bigotry)

For transparency’s sake, the programming committee, who will be deciding on the proposals consists of: A’misa Chiu, Jenna Freedman, Joshua Barton, Kelly Wooten, Libby Coyner, and Sharaya O. We will ask for additional feedback from people holding a wider range of identities, as needed.