Smorgasbord Session

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SMiles – Anomaly Archives, looking to do exhibit, expand space?

Christine – looking to expand connections to zine community, moving to Austin,

Kelly – teaching with zines, ethical assessment questions!

Dianne – Flywheel – will need to plan zinefest at some point, wondering about collection circulating

Jude – continuity CLP collection

  • media allies?
  • get signatures at zine fest?
  • what if another org wants to take over collection?
  • university instructor allies?
  • zine requests for purchase
  • new donations to collection

Laura – worried about legitimacy of collection, working on building connections, studio instructors do have students make zines, relationship there

Laura gave Christine info on Austin connections.

We talked about pros and cons of circulating – IPRC decided only to circulate to educators bc they’re the only users for the most part that benefited. If a zine gets lost there’s no more access, zines are also ephemeral to some extent…

Bringing collection out of the archives + making visits to special collections funner e.g. button maker at Holyoke, cataloging parties…

Laura had a Zines in the Scholarly World panel to help articulate usefulness of zines in academia.

Read/Write Library Biblioteka awesome!