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Tentative Schedule

Everything is optional. Requests/recommendations/suggestions are welcome! Comment here or add items to the list of things we might do or talk about at the conference, or do/see/eat/drink around the conference.


Wednesday, June 3rd – Early birds arrive? Rides from airport?


Thursday, June 4th – People from out of town arrive. Rides from airport – two trips scheduled so far: noon & 8pm. Group welcome dinner?


Barring some technological issue, we plan to live stream from all the sessions of the conference, and maybe even from the New South Fest & social portions of the weekend via Periscope.

How to do it
Starting at 9am on Friday morning (or earlier if you wanna catch some test streams), search Twitter for #periscope #zluc. When a stream starts, a Tweet will go out with those hashtags. It’ll say something like. “LIVE on #Periscope: #zluc session 3a”

If you are in a browser (on a desktop or laptop computer), click on the link & a new tab will open with the live stream, comments, and hearts (likes) displayed in real time. If you want to be able to comment during the session and/or send us hearts, you’ll need to get the app (available for iOS or Android). And you’ll need to use the app on a smartphone or a tablet.

If things work ok, we’ll be able to see the comments and respond to the as appropriate during the session. (Some folks might be regular-tweeting the conference, too.) If we can remember to save our streams at the end, we’ll be able to post them (or links to them) on the wiki later, so folks who miss the live stream can watch later.

I know this is maybe a new thing for some folks, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions 🙂 We want to help you to be able to participate!

G+ Hangout/Skype/Firefox Hello
Info for participating via Google Plus / Skype / Firefox Hello will be added on Friday morning.


Friday, June 5th – ZL(u)C Day One

9am-9:30 check-in + breakfast PCL 1.124 30 min
9:30-9:45 welcome + introductions PCL 1.124 15 min
9:45-10:15 set session schedule / locations PCL 1.124 30 min
10:15-10:30 break 15 min
10:30-11:15 • session 1a & 1b – Union Catalog update PCL 1.124 45 min
11:15-11:30 break 15 min
11:30-12:30 • session 2a & 2b – Zine Community Politics PCL 1.124 1 hour
12:30-1:30 lunch – Lesson Plans discussion, zine cat game demo PCL 1.124 1 hour
1:30-2:30 • session 3a  – Union Catalog Work Session
• session 3b – Smorgasbord/Continuity for when you leave a zine collection
PCL 1.124 & 1.306 1 hour
2:30-2:45 break 15 min
2:45-3:45 session 4a & 4b – Code of Ethics PCL 1.124 1 hour
4-6pm reception, tour & zine reading UT Fine Arts Library 2 hours
6pm… free time / group dinner / funtimes

[a sessions will be in PCL 1.124, b sessions will be in PCL 1.306]


Saturday, June 6th – ZL(u)C Day Two

9:30-10am check-in + breakfast  PCL 1.124 30 min
10am-10:30 (re)set session schedule / locations PCL 1.124 30 min
10:30-11:30 • session 5a – Zine Librarian Fails + Troubleshooting
• session 5b – What do Researchers Want?
PCL 1.124 & 1.128A 1 hour
11:30-2pm lunch + New South Fest field trip French Legation 2.5 hours
2-3pm session 6 – Outreach French Legation (al fresco) 1 hour
3-4pm (un)conference wrap-up French Legation (al fresco) 1 hour
4:30-6 hack-a-thon / edit-a-thon / zine making happy hour El Sapo 1.5 hours
6pm… free time / group dinner / funtimes

[a sessions will be in PCL 1.124, b sessions will be in PCL 1.128A]


Sunday, June 7th – Farewell brunch? Group outing. Rides to airport? (Let Jennifer know if you need one.)


Monday, June 8th – Late birds leave. Rides to airport?