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You gotta sleep sometime/where. Here are some tips. Note: I live in Austin in a house and have not stayed at any of these places, except the San Jose on my wedding night, which was lovely. Which is to say, the following are not endorsements. That said, I am happy to vet any prospective choices you might be about to make, so holler if you have any questions.

Here are some places on/near campus to check out. All of these are a 15-minute walk or less from the conference location:

  • Almetris Duren Hall (a UT dorm) - The dorm rate is $35/night double occupancy, or $70/night single occupancy. Sheets, blanket, pillow, towel & soap are provided. Monday check-out is available for folks wanting to stay through Sunday. Click here to make your reservation & pay online with a credit card. (There is no deposit, since you’ll pay the full amount when you make your reservation.)
  • Drifter Jack’s Hostel – really close to the ADH dorm, on The Drag, near a variety of food & drink options, might be fun to reserve a couple of their dorm rooms for crazy zine sleepover funtime…
  • AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center – fancy pants, right on the edge of campus with the most delicious food in the restaurant
  • New Hampton Inn near campus – graffiti-themed lobby art, that’s really all I know.
  • Still hunting? Here’s a map some colleagues of mine made for another conference. No need to reinvent the wheel, right? (Here’s the printable PDF version.)