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Here’s a place for your after-5 (or early morning) to-do list. Add things you want to do/see/photograph/eat/drink/avoid. Add links when you can & I’ll be populating this list with stuff I think (at least some of) y’all will like.

  1. Go see the bats fly out from under the Ann Richards Bridge at sunset.
  2. Visit Jeremiah the Innocent.
  3. Anyone for Schlitterbahn? I’m (Honor) going to Schlitterbahn on Sunday, and so far have suckered a bunch of other folks into joining me! This outing has been replaced with a road trip to Blanco State Park for swimmin’, grillin’ & chillin’! Join us! Ok, Blanco State Park is closed indefinitely due to the recent flooding. Don’t worry, we’ll find fun if it kills us.
  4. An ATX pal said that Queerbomb will be happening that weekend if anyone is interested.  Looks like it’ll be a non-corporate pride type event.  FB link: queerbomb.org (Milo)
    1. I’m interested! – Jennifer
  5. Cathedral of Junk
  6. Showlist Austin (evolved from a 1990s 1-sheeter) is a great list of punk/indie/underground/alt/whatever shows. (Jennifer’s picks here)
  7. This is way square, but I (Kelly M.) am probably going to go to the LBJ library, maybe on Sunday?
    1. Love this! – Jennifer
  8. No Shame! Austin’s only open mic where anything goes. Perform any piece you want under 5 minutes as long as you don’t hurt the stage or someone else. Sign-ups are at 9:30 pm and are first come, first serve. Sign-up list caps at 15 performers. Sketch, poetry, drama, stand up, burlesque, dance, or other (we’ve had plenty of other). All ideas welcome. Get creative. Show starts at 10 and is free to watch. [This is one of Jennifer’s favorite local events.]
  9. Alice in Wonderland exhibit at the Harry Ransom Center (free!)
  10. Blanton Museum of Art – current exhibitions (one of the Mellon fellows exhibits features zines!)
  11. More culture stuff via Austin’s Cultural Campus (near campus)