starting out in small groups to make lists of discussion items

big conversation, we aren’t sure how to start talking about it

would talking points help us talk to other people about these issues

what do you do when you realize your zine fest is all white.

issues around white people/institutions working w/ zinesters of color?

awareness, intentionality

how to connect students with zinesters of color

Let’s talk about what we’ve done that’s worked. Share tools we used with others so they can be equipped to deal with similar situations.

How to “call people in”, rather than “calling them out”.

How do we include people not traditionally included in libraries, organizations.

Outreach to diverse communities w/o tokenizing. Being intentional. Consider sustainability of these relationships.

Mention of POC ZL(u)C scholarship.

BZF – whistleblower did what she needed to do, then ally (Jenna) did some of the more objective (“calling people in”, “whitesplaining”) work, another group supported whistleblower at fest – we all have a role & it takes more than one person

proactive inclusion from the very beginning is important

(also, if you are organizing, you are an organizer)

be open to & accepting of contributions

code of conduct – need to be more out front so people find them

being intentional about including new people

How do you intentionally include people w/o tokenizing?

MKE Zine Fest currently struggling with this.

Ask them how they’d like to be involved?

Any specific examples of successful events or activities would be great – we can follow up with them…

IN some places, personal relationships across races don’t already exist, so that’s hard

Maybe put out a call for participation?

Black Lives Matter panel that did happen at BKLY ZF ended up really different than what Jordan envisioned

RE POC scholarship: Why would a librarian of color want to come to your conference?

What about including distasteful/offensive communities?

Re Anomaly Archive collection: why do only certain groups report anomalous experiences?

Actually, it’s not that hard to find zinesters of color. Google them, y’all. Brown Recluse distro, People of Color zine project, No Shame distro.

What else can I be doing to build a diverse collection?

We need to be more proactive, seek out these other voices.

“diversity statement” in application packages, or at time of joining group?

Go to a bunch of different zine fairs and see what they are up to and who is participating.

paying POC to attend zine fairs can help

know going in that there are gonna be a lot of white people.

— lunch delivery —

let’s add something explicit to our website – something already in acquisitions section of code of ethics?

more discussion of offensive/hate materials – gay nazi zine at QZAP – they allow volunteers to opt out of handling certain materials they are sensitive to

interest in right-wing womens’ materials, but they don’t want their stuff next to feminist collections

Ask researchers for leads on other materials or communities

form relationships with opposite-number librarians

collaborating on DH projects is a possibility

post-custodial options – leave material in community, but provide access to it

humanism = people are important, we can focus on and make time for that.

more talk about “calling in” v “calling out”