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Parking at UT is difficult. I recommend paying to park in one of UT’s parking garages (Brazos is the one closest to the Library), or using public transportation. Metered parking is also available and would be a good option for our short day on Saturday. Holler if you need any help!


Barring some technological issue, we plan to live stream from all the sessions of the conference, and maybe even from the New South Fest & social portions of the weekend via Periscope (www.periscope.tv).

How to do it

Starting at 9am on Friday morning (or earlier if you wanna catch some test streams), search Twitter for #periscope #zluc. When a stream starts, a Tweet will go out with those hashtags. It’ll say something like. “LIVE on #Periscope: #zluc session 3a periscope.tv/w/lettersandnumbers…” If you are in a browser (on a desktop or laptop computer), click on the link & a new tab will open with the live stream, comments, and hearts (likes) displayed in real time. If you want to be able to comment during the session and/or send us hearts, you’ll need to get the app (available for iOS or Android). And you’ll need to use the app on a smartphone or a tablet.

If things work ok, we’ll be able to see the comments and respond to the as appropriate during the session. (Some folks might be regular-tweeting the conference, too.) If we can remember to save our streams at the end, we’ll be able to post them (or links to them) on the wiki later, so folks who miss the live stream can watch later. I know this is maybe a new thing for some folks, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions 🙂 We want to help you to be able to participate!


It’s gonna be hot and humid, but it probably won’t rain. Yay. The Library will probably be chilly, so don’t forget that cardi.

Conference logistics

For each session of the conference, we need heroic volunteers to:

  1. Periscope each session – this involves using one of UT’s iPads or your own phone or iPad to stream the session. It’s super easy and I’ll show you what to do. You’ll be responsible for pressing save at the end so we can post the video later.
  2. Facilitate discussion – please tell me someone is good at this! I am terrible!
  3. Note-taking/time-keeping – analog or digital, whatever works for you.

More drivers would be great for Saturday’s lunchtime-afternoon outing to the New South Fest at the French Legation. So far we have: Spencer & Jennifer with room for 3 more people in each car. The bus looks like it’ll be no help in this journey, but we have Uber, Lyft Zipcar & taxis.

Dorm info

Check in: When you get to Austin, navigate to to 2624 Whitis Ave, Austin, TX 78705 and check in at the front desk of Duren Residence Hall (ADH). They will give you an access code, key, wifi code and your conference bag. Check out: After the conference has ended, bring your key to the front desk to check out.  There is a $75 lock change charge for keys that are not returned. The front desk is open 24 hours a day.  The phone number to Duren is 512-232-4233. Housing Coordinator: Jonathan Gonzales, jogo@austin.utexas.edu.

Wifi access


  1. connect to the attwifi network
  2. open your web browser
  3. click on “Use A Coupon” and enter [the code you are given]

Visit www.attwifi.com for connection instructions & other details. Need help? Call 1-888-888-7520.