Interview with three authors of “Zines in Libraries” book

Three of the authors featured in the new book, Zines in Libraries: Selecting, Purchasing and Processing, were interviewed by the University of Illinois School of Information Sciences. Check out the interview (“iSchool alumni share their zine experiences in new publication“) and get inspired to read the book; many of the chapters are available to read in institutional repositories.

screenshot of article featuring photos of the three librarians interviewed

One thought on “Interview with three authors of “Zines in Libraries” book

  1. Hi – I’m trying to find out where the Fanzine conference that Morrissey (The Smiths) attended in 1978. He was there to meet Patti Smith. So, probably around April as she was doing shows in London the first week of April. Her album Easter was released in March of that year.
    In a 1991 L.A. Times interview he says – “It was at a fanzine conference in London around the time of the release of “Easter” and the room was crowded with young, impressionable people”. But I can’t find any reference about that conference online, or in UK newspaper searches.
    Can anyone help me with this, or guide me to someone who can?

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