Laura posted a query to the zinelibrarians list about if folks would be interested in having a zine librarians gathering, perhaps as part of the Madison Zine Fest in October.

I’m curious who all would be willing and able to attend such an event in Madison, and also what other cities and times would be possible for a Zine Librarians Conference or Unconference. And also who would be willing and able to help organize such a thing.

Please respond in the comments or write to me (Jenna) directly zines @ barnard dot exx (not really xes).

To be clear, what we’re soliciting comments on are:

  • Would you like to attend a zine librarians con/uncon?
  • If location is an issue, which locations are good for you?
  • Do you have a preference for specific dates or the general time of year?
  • Would you help organize the event?

Though feel free to say whatever you want!

3 thoughts on “ZineLibCon

  1. My deal is that I have approval for funding for one zine-related conference this year. I don’t really care much where it is, just that it is the most convenient for everyone so we have a large turnout. The more minds, the better.

    I’m really looking forward to it where/whenever it is.

    Clinton Watson
    Salt Lake City Public Library

  2. Hi there

    I think a conference or unconference is a great idea! I would think if we could have one to not have one when ALA midwinter or ALA annual (not Jan. 23-28 and not June 26th-July 2nd) is happening. Some of us would have more chance of approval for attending.

  3. On the ZineLibrarians list, I’ve seen nominations for Madison, Minneapolis, Olympia, Portland, Seattle.

    I’d also like to throw in for New York. There are at least 4 list members living here (ABC No Rio, NYPL, Pratt, and Barnard). I bet we could host a conference for free somewhere and put up a bunch of people.

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