Zine Outreach Project at Río Hondo College

I was excited to read about the Zine Outreach Project at Río Hondo College in Whittier, California. Librarian Claudia Rivas attended the Radical Librarianship Institute at UCLA California Rare Book School and was awarded $10,000 to fund a zine fest and zine workshops. Part of the funding includes paying students who contribute a zine to the zine library with a $25 gift certificate to the campus bookstore. Very cool!

flyer that describes being paid for contributing zines. The text reads: "Interested in earning $25? Participate in RHC Library's ZIne Outreach Project! Step 1: attend 1 day of zine fest and 1 workshop or attend 2 zine workshops. Step 2: Make an original zine (during zine workshops). Step 3: Donate your zine (or a copy of it) to the RHC Library Zine Collection. Step 4: Your zine will be included in the printed book of all zines created during the workshops. Step 5: Enjoy your $25 at the RHC Bookstore (without restrictions) flyer for a zine making workshop. The text reads: "Let's make zines! Zine making workshop October 17 & 24, 5:30 pm. Whittier Public Library in partnership with Rio Hondo College."

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