Indigenous zines at Harvard


a screenshot of the blog post "Everyday Indigenity" featuring a photo of a map-shaped board game called "Spirit Island"

Really enjoyed this short article in Harvard Magazine about the Indigenous-focused collection at the anthropology-focused Tozzer Library at Harvard University. “Everyday Indigeneity: Championing Native Voices” by Ryan Doan-Nguyen highlights the resources that resources that represent modern (post-2000) life of Native Americans, including zines, comics, graphic novels, cookbooks, board games, and language learning tools. Librarian for American Indigenous studies Julie Fiveash curates the Indigenous Knowledge Collection, which attempts to show Indigenous communities “as they live now, how they see themselves, and how they see their future.”

“Zines like Portals of Indigenous Futurism and Rez Bot rethink Indigenous pasts and envision limitless futures, integrating ancestral wisdom with elements like aliens and robots. Others, like Settler Sexuality, push the fluidity of gender and sexuality beyond Western conceptions, highlighting the intersectionality within Native identity that’s often sidelined in traditional archives.”

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