Social Media Accessibility Best Practices

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General Resources

  • Guidelines for Creating Image Descriptions via American Anthropological Association
    • Includes an explanation of the difference between alt text, image descriptions, and captions
  • Use Instagram Threads to create automatic captioning for your videos that you can then download to your device (can also upload existing videos);
    • IGTV videos also have an automatic captioning feature

Consent to Post

  • Do I have permission from the creator to feature their work in a social media post and/or tag them?

Accessible Content

  • Does the order of content in an Instagram Stories post, multi-photo post, and/or Twitter thread make sense?
  • Did I capitalize the first letter of each new word when using hashtags?  Often referred to as “Camel Case.”
  • Can I use a link shortener when posting long links?
  • Can I indicate what kind of link it is/where it will be taking users? Ex. [form]
  • Did I use acronyms or other terms that may need to be explained?

Alt Text and Image Descriptions

  • Have I written alt text for all images for users using screen readers?
  • Have I written and included an image description for each image?

Video captions and Audio Transcripts

  • Can I include captions in the video?
  • If not, can I include a transcript of the video or make it available via another publicly available file/link?