IZLuC 2020 – Virtual

> IZLuC 2020 - Virtual

The 2020 Zine Librarians unConference (ZLuC) will be held virtually!

What: ZLuC is an inspirational, informative, and fun gathering of people who care deeply about zines and their ability to change lives for the better.

When: October 30** – November 1, 2020

Start Here:

What is an (un)conference / Possible sessions for this (un)Conference

Community Care Expectations, Best Practices for Accessibility for Meetings and for Social Media

IZLuC Linktree, including links to social media and other relevant stuff

Please use #IZLuC2020 when you post to social media!



Registration for the International Zine Librarian Unconference 2020 is now closed. If you wish to attend a session but did not register yet, or did not receive an email with the links after you registered, send us an email at zineluc@gmail.com

Session Notes/Documentation

Day 1 Shared Note Taking Cryptpad Doc
Day 2 Shared Note Taking Cryptpad Doc
Day 3 Shared Note Taking Cryptpad Doc

Post-(un)Conference Feedback

Please take a minute and fill out this basic feedback form.  It will help future organizers figure out what worked well, and what can be changed for the better.  Thanks!!

® IZLUC 2020 Feedback Form

** NOTE: The IZLuC will be starting at 0:00 UTC on 30 October.  Depending on where you are in the world, the first sessions may begin on 29 October in your time zone.


3 thoughts on “IZLuC 2020 – Virtual

  1. For those of us unable to get to some of the earlier/later sessions due to time zones, will they be recorded and shared for later viewing?

    • Hi Oscar,

      It will be up to session facilitators and participants if they want to record. If they agree, the recordings will be published or linked here after the conference.


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