Zine Union Catalog part 1

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Friday July 19 

Breakout session 2, 11:45- 1:00pm

Session name:  Zine Union Catalog- Yak

Facilitator: Lauren, Jenna

Note taker: Ella

CUNY GC ZUC updates – Lauren

  • 5 minute history of the zine union catalog
  • Fall semester – annotation play with catalog and collective access
  • Independent Study – focused on project management and identifying 
  • Open Leaders

CUNY GC capstone – Jenna

Plan hack – Eric


Twitter permissions


  • 2009 the conversation begins
  • How/platform/what
  • 2013 – xZinecorex metadata standard
  • CUNY graduate program work
  • Collective Access (CA) platform
  • ABCNoRIo, Qzap, Barnard, Carnegie, Sallie Bingham others represented in prototype
  • Still tinkering with prototype as time allows (zinecat.org)
  • Time to push to build the ZineCat out
  • Lauren researching what needs to happen to take next steps, project management (GitHub?), connect to Free and Open Internet initiatives, outreach opportunities


  • $1000 grant money – hack in NY in October
    • original ask was 2 day CA workshop (more $$$)

Priorities for the last year of concentrated action on ZineCat:

  • Building the cat
  • Funding
    • Hosting
      • Openflow hack can pay for a year of server
    • GitHub add-ons
    • traditional cooperative model?
      • equal and fair share funding
      • equal voice is critical
      • dependencies on large contributors are problematic
      • Labor vs. money
    • What budget do we need?
      • Pay for someone to ingest
      • hosting costs
      • come up with a 5-year budget
  • Project Management
    • GitHub https://github.com/lsrkthelibrarian/zinecat.org 
      • Can we do not just tech with the platform? how to introduce people to that
        • Communication to clarify the use and powers of the platform
        • Documentation
          • Draft of a readme (lauren)
      • Even experienced developers have a hard time doing anything but submitting code on GitHub
        • GitLab, ZenBench – adding on top of the platform an interface for discussion (none of which are free – charge per person per month)
          • Lab.citycrm.org
        • Other interfaces could still be hosted/paid – maybe better fee structures for our purposes?
  • Community Engagement, 
  • Universal Design, 
  • accessibility, 
  • governance structure/shared decision making
    • where are we at with this? is this work useful?
      • Mostly Jenna and Lauren up to now – looking to generate more community involvement
        • Deciding on governance structure would be hugely useful
      • Pilot governance determined at ZLUC 2018 – should we just put this forward?
      • “Y’all who have been doing this work – go ahead, we trust you” (the community, via Milo)
    • Hosted on a server paid for by CUNY grad program which will expire
      • Need to find another university host
        • Lack of trust in a university as hosting entity
      • Or simply pay for something (Qzap model)
        • Different types of institutions are sharing information, so let’s not prioritize one source/contributor over another


  • Round of sharing our thoughts/feelings/ideas/etc or pass:
    • Choices are mostly unstable in regards to funding streams.  Come up with five year budgets (a few options: minimal, viable, thriving etc.) Help us set priorities 
    • Big picture:
      • Budget development mentorship possibilities
      • intentionality about skill-building
    • How do we write documentation to get more stakeholder investment
      • clear writing
      • map for future work
    • What would it look like if we didn’t have to have this funding discussion
      • More open ideation, let’s not get stuck in the budget
    • Infrastructure, tools, budget
      • Seminar to make money for the project – turn our skill building into an income stream
    • Keep discussions ongoing between now and the next unconference, keeping input and commitment coming in
    • Institution buy in without more power
      • one-time sponsorship vs co-op share
      • being able to say “yeah, we’ll take your money” to large/moneyed groups
    • Lurker perspective, data-supplier
      • stanford encyclopedia of philosophy (endowed? foundation funding? some sustainable income stream)
    • Creating a zine library foundation, building out an endowment model
        • inherently hierarchical governance structures, how to get past that
          • ABCNoRio as an example to investigate
      • ZineCat
      • ZLUC
      • More events and projects
      • Nonprofit umbrella for small zine libraries
    • Wikidata for zinelibraries (Honor attending Wikimania)
      • current and historical

Hack talk

  • GitHub
    • Lauren will clone to ZineCat
    • get accounts (lauren to set up)
      • Personal setup
      • Then, access granted
    • Getting data from Milo’s, Jenna’s, Lauren’s
      • Harmonize
    • Proofing front-matter
    • this all will set us up for communication post-zluc
  • Data cleaning/metadata mapping
    • get some data, start cleaning
  • Budget brainstorm
  • Governance