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Friday July 19

Breakout session 2, 11:45- 1:00pm

Session name: Instruction

Facilitator: juli

Note taker: des

Questions/topics for convo

  • Instruction as a librarian and archivist, also as a professor maybe???
  • Developing a session with school teacher librarians on incorporating zines
  • Teen librarians working with librarians in middle school and high schools
  • Outreach to instructors about how to use zines in the classroom, what benefits are
  • Pedagogy and zines, using zines in one-shots
  • Zines as tools for staff development and building communities of practice
  • Zine workshops for teens, kids. Working with education dept at the arts museum
  • Zines and info literacy instruction in higher ed
  • Exploring zines in one shots

Working in K-12 settings

  • What does successful engagement look like? Teen Zine Team! Zine club/zine making is integrated into library programming
  • Partnering with zine fests and other community orgs to publicize
  • Bringing in materials and letting folks have at it. Working towards zine fest in october
  • Having themed sessions provides just enough structure
    • Offering folks option of contributing to collabo zine or doing their own thing
    • Other opportunities to circulate/publicize/promote zines (pop up exhibit, etc)
  • Having folks bring completed zines to zine club, offering ten copies straight up and 15-20 if they donate a copy
  • Introducing zines to students; how do you convey zine-ness
    • Using minizines instead of handouts (lots of work but folks in university context seem to like)
  • Students don’t really know what zines are great starting point for talking about zines honestly
    • Ambiguity about zines is pretty awesome; bringing hella examples helps
  • Engaging with print culture is not familiar to students
    • Bringing in the original ugly copy to demystify the process
  • Take em to the collection!!! Share what you love
  • Being open about your personal story with zines helps, 

Zines in Higher Education Settings

  • Raising awareness about cool shit in archives, demystifying archives
    • Storytelling and finding one’s voice
    • Including zines in archives and archival one-shots
  • How to get faculty buy in using zines in one-shots
    • Building relationships with faculty
      • If folks are assigning creative projects/posters/infographics
    • Normalizing zines as a type of material/resource in one-shots
    • Info literacy instruction
    • Informally talking to people about zines
  • Building support and visibility amongst library staff: maybe you are the point person for zines but everyone should know what they are and how they can benefit library
  • People who don’t see value in using zines in instruction contexts means a convo needs to happen with that person. Can’t win over everyone but initiatives that bring visibility to zines and zine collections can demystify process for staff too.
    • Personal experience with zines is hella important

Zines as assignments

  • Clear rubrics for what content is on what page
  • You can’t  force someone’s creativity or how they express that
  • Gallery walk on last day of class to view each other’s work, talk about their zine, highlight sections
    • Not just finished product but can the student articulate (verbally or otherwise) what their goals were, what pages mean to them
    • Looking at student’s work individually

Natural allies to be found in gender studies, but what about STEM classes?

Using Info Lit standards

Zines as collection; example of a medium type

Making zines



Instructional zines