22 thoughts on “Registration

  1. Hi! Heidy Berthoud from the Vassar College Library will be attending. (I know I have an account–I’m just having trouble logging in at the moment.)

  2. Hi there, can you please add me to the registration list too?
    Samantha Sermeño, University of Washington & Zine Archive and Publishing Project (Seattle)
    Thx! <3

  3. Hi there!

    Could you add me to the registration list as well? Madeline Veitch, New Paltz Zine Library at SUNY New Paltz. Our outgoing zine library intern Kelly Lindberg is interested in attending as well but she’s still figuring out her summer plans!


  4. Please add me as well, I’m still waiting to hear about the PoC travel grant: Michelle Oraa Ali, Mount Holyoke College

  5. Hello! I would love to be added to the registration. Thank you!
    Leigh Kaulbach, Print Shop and Libraries @ University of Kansas

  6. Could I be added to the registration list, please? Kayla Whitehead, Brandeis University

    Thanks 🙂

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