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The 2016 ZLuC will be held in Boston at Simmons College. Go ahead and put down your name and affiliation so I can start planning the all the awesomeness.

  1. Dawn Stahura, Simmons College
  2. Andrew Clark, Simmons College
  3. Darin Murphy, SMFA (Sat only)
  4. Olivia Portegello, SMFA (with regrets)
  5. Sarah Ruggiero, Papercut Zine Library
  6. Adrianna Alvarez,  (Sat. only)
  7. Adrienne Naylor, Papercut Zine Library
  8. Brittany Mitchell, Boston Zine Collective (with regret)
  9. Violet Fox, formerly of ZAPP
  10. Jessica Leslie
  11. Jenna Freedman, Barnard Zine Library
  12. Ashley Irwin, University of Waterloo
  13. Rhonda Kauffman, MIT (Cambridge, MA)
  14. Julia Lipscomb, ABC No Rio Zine Library (with regrets)
  15. Michele Hardesty, Hampshire College & Interference Archive
  16. Jennifer Hecker, U of Texas Libraries & Austin Fanzine Project
  17. Kelly Wooten, Sallie Bingham Center, Duke University So sad to miss this year–too much other work travel! -kw
  18. Milo Miller, Queer Zine Archive Project
  19. Honor Moody, Schlesinger Library
  20. Jamie Glass, Sherrill Library, Lesley University
  21. Tomas Moniz, Berkeley City College
  22. Alana Kumbier, Hampshire College + Flywheel Zine Library (Western Massachusetts)
  23. Desiree Alaniz, Simmons College
  24. Julie Adamo, Mount Holyoke College
  25. Madeline Veitch, SUNY New Paltz (with regrets)
  26. c. m. dusty brayshaw, Gallery5 Zine Museum, Richmond, VA
  27. Heidy Berthoud, Vassar College [sadly]
  28. Andrew Wang, Indiana University
  29. Samantha Sermeño, University of Washington & Zine Archive and Publishing Project (Seattle)
  30. Malana Krongelb (with regrets)
  31. Kelly Webster, Boston College [With regrets]
  32. Daylon Orr, 8-Ball Archive
  33. Phil Bergevin, 8-Ball Archive
  34. Michelle Oraa Ali, Mt. Holyoke
  35. Kelly Swickard, MICA
  36. Leigh Kaulbach, Print Shop and Libraries @ University of Kansas
  37. Caro Pinto, Mt. Holyoke
  38. Ricardo Lozana, A Love Token Press
  39. Deborah Ultan, University of Minnesota
  40. Charlie McNabb, Wheaton College (Norton, MA)
  41. Emily Belanger, Wellesley College
  42. Allison Jai O’Dell, University of Florida
  43. Lani Smith
  44. Kathleen Clifford
  45. Rachel Karasick — Simmons College
  46. McKenzie Mullen — Simmons College
  47. Miranda Nero, Ocean State Libraries
  48. Carl Jones, MIT
  49. Alex Willett, Brandeis University
  50. Kayla Whitehead, Brandeis University
  51. Anulfo Baez, The Evolving Critic
  52. Nora C. Miller, Hampshire College
  53. Catherine Dixon — Simmons College
  54. Kimberly Arleth — Simmons College
  55. Molly Brown — Simmons College
  56. Mona Tousian –Papercut Library
  57. Dena Marger — Root Radical Lending Library

22 thoughts on “Registration

  1. Adrienne Naylor, Papercut Zine Library! Please cease and desist capitalizing the C in Papercut! <3

  2. Hi can you add Tomas Moniz from Berkeley City College to the registration page…


  3. Hi! Heidy Berthoud from the Vassar College Library will be attending. (I know I have an account–I’m just having trouble logging in at the moment.)

  4. Hi there, can you please add me to the registration list too?
    Samantha Sermeño, University of Washington & Zine Archive and Publishing Project (Seattle)
    Thx! <3

  5. Hi there!

    Could you add me to the registration list as well? Madeline Veitch, New Paltz Zine Library at SUNY New Paltz. Our outgoing zine library intern Kelly Lindberg is interested in attending as well but she’s still figuring out her summer plans!


  6. May I be added, please? Kelly Webster, Boston College. Thanks!

  7. Please add me as well, I’m still waiting to hear about the PoC travel grant: Michelle Oraa Ali, Mount Holyoke College

  8. Kelly Swickard from Decker Library at Maryland Institute College of Art; I am the catalog librarian and we are starting a Zine Collection this summer.

  9. Hello! I would love to be added to the registration. Thank you!
    Leigh Kaulbach, Print Shop and Libraries @ University of Kansas

  10. Hello! I’m interested in attending on the 30th. Many Thanks!

  11. Please add me to the registration list. Attend Friday only.


  12. Could I be added to the registration list, please? Kayla Whitehead, Brandeis University

    Thanks 🙂

  13. Hello! I would love to be added to this event! Molly Brown – Simmons College

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