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Let’s all jot down our ideas for things we want to discuss/share/learn during the ‘business’ side of the (un)conference. Then when we all get together the day of we can start with all of these awesome ideas.

  • Capital C catalogers: 375 and 386 fields. 150s, too.
  • zine librarians email list code of conduct
  • code of ethics review–anything to add?
    • zine librarians interactions with each other
  • donor relations — may be code of ethics
  • Simmons Library tour
  • zine union catalog report back to the group + Q&A + feedback/discussion
  • zine genre terms
  • zine subject thesaurus
  • tech supporting ZineLib web projects
    • ZineWiki needs some major DB help
    • (may be ok, may want new/more admins?)
    • Proposed GitHub space
    • etc.
  • cataloging: description and access
    • enhancing subject access
    • describing technique and form/binding
  • Internet Archive/Solidarity project
  • Papercut Library discussion on running a zine library and disaster planning
  • discussion/brainstorming of opportunities & challenges around potential zine hub for the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)
  • preservation/access
  • metadata mapping + ethics
  • Getting started with a collection (starting a new collection and taking over an existing one)
  • teaching with zines as primary sources (paper + digital/online)
    • sample projects/assignments?
    • sharing resources with each other?

One thought on “Workshops and Presentation Proposals

  1. It’d be great to hear from librarians who’ve had success getting buy-in from faculty and students at universities where there is a zine collection, and how they did it!


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