event details (registration, housing, etc.)

> ZLuC 2011 MKE > event details (registration, housing, etc.)


SO, you’re coming to Milwaukee for the ZL(u)C and are looking for places to stay. There are a couple of options:

1) Couchsurfing! If you’re just looking for a couch to surf on for a couple of days, please put your name under this line.
a. Honor Moody I’m flying into Milwaukee Thursday July 7, and out Sunday July 10. I also surf floors and back yards, but am doing three weeks with carry-on luggage only, so will have no bedding, tenting, etc.
b. Chelsea Kirkland- July 7 getting in in the afternoon, leaving July 9 after the conference. Approaching my work on zines/ libraries from a queer anarchist perspective. I am a really good houseguest!

2) Dorm Housing – This is pending approval from the Library to host the conference there. http://www4.uwm.edu/housing/reservations/conferences/
Are folks interested in group rate rooms? We’ve been discussing it a bit on the Zine Librarians email list–email Alycia (alyciasellie (at) gmail (dot) com) if you are interested, or add your name/a note here. I think we need more than 10 people for a “group.”

  1. Alycia S. Hoping to stay the evenings of July 7-9th, no preference on air conditioning
  2. John S.
  3. Chris R.
  4. Jeanie A.
  5. (maybe Maggie)
  6. Linda N.
  7. Honor M.
  8. Joshua B. (maybe w/ a +1)
  9. Marta C. I prefer no-air conditioning, but not essential. Most likely staying July 7th-9th
  10. Adrienne N. def with +1!
  11. Chelsea K. – put myself on the couchsurfer list above, but I’m also down for dorms!

3) Hotels – There are a number of hotels in the area. Most are downtown, about 3-5 miles from UWM


To register for the MKE ZL(u)C you will need to login to the wiki first.

After you have logged in to the wiki add your name, alphabetically if you please:

  1. Jeanie Austin, juvenile detention center librarian, volunteer librarian at UC-IMC
  2. Joe Austin, associate prof of history at UWM and a giant lizard monster
  3. Joshua Barton, Serials Catalog Librarian & Philosophy Bibliographer, Michigan State University Libraries
  4. Kelly Bolter, Graduate Student, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  5. Jeremy Brett, University of Iowa
  6. Jessica Bublitz, Bottles on the Sill Zine Library; Zine and Comic Student Intern, Special Collections, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  7. Marta Chudolinska, Learning Zone Librarian, OCAD Zine Library, OCAD University Library Learning Zone
  8. Leah Fisher, Reader Advisor, Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library,
  9. Violet Fox, volunteer at Seattle’s Zine Archive and Publishing Project (ZAPP)
  10. Jenna Freedman, Research & Zine Librarian, Barnard College
  11. Kathi Jakubowski, E-Resources/Serials Coordinator, UW-Milwaukee
  12. Tina Jayroe, graduate student, UW-M SOIS
  13. Kimberly, zine librarian, Papercut Zine LibraryMA
  14. Lacey Prpic Hedtke, zinester and librarian, Zine Apothecary
  15. Jessica Horvath, UWM SOIS student, Head of Tech Services @ Eisenhower Public Library District
  16. Catherine Loomis, Resource Discovery Team (general cataloger & Special Collections monographs and authority work), UW-Milwaukee.
  17. Lindsey Killips, MLIS Student, UW-Milwaukee
  18. Chelsea Kirkland, The Long Haul Infoshop Zine Archive in Berkeley, CA and MLIS student at San Jose State
  19. Alana Kumbier, Research & Instruction Librarian, Wellesley College
  20. Molly Susan Mathias, Learning Commons Coordinator, UW-Milwaukee
  21. Kelly McElroy, Undergraduate Services Librarian, University of Iowa Libraries
  22. Caitlin McGurk, Head Librarian The Center for Cartoon Studies, White River Junction, VT
  23. Milo Miller, QZAP
  24. Honor Moody, Cataloger, Schlesinger Library, Cambridge, MA
  25. Patrick Mooney, Toronto Zine Library
  26. Sarah Morean
  27. Adrienne Naylor, zine librarian, Papercut Zine Library, Somerville, MA
  28. Linda Nguyen, MLIS student, St. Catherine University
  29. Debbie Rasmussen, Fly Away Zine Mobile
  30. Stephanie Renner, Cheering and Waving Press, hoping to road trip to attend from Chillicothe, Ohio
  31. Chris Ritzo, Information Management Specialist, Univ. of Illinois Urbana, Volunteer librarian, UC-IMC Library
  32. Lisa Schelling, GIS Librarian, UW-Milwaukee
  33. Jim Schultz, UWM School of Information Studies (IT Support)
  34. Alycia Sellie, Instructor, Brooklyn College
  35. Kelsey Smith, Olympia Timberland Library, hoping to attend remotely in some capacity.
  36. Ben Specht, UWM School of Information Studies (IT Support)
  37. John Stevens, Librarian, Rare Printed & Arts Teams, State Library of Victoria (Australia)
  38. Brian Thompson, UWM School of Information Studies (IT Support)
  39. Jerianne Thompson, Collection Development Coordinator, Linebaugh Public Library, and editor/publisher, Zine World
  40. Jude Vachon, Librarian/Zine Librarian, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
  41. Carolyn Weber, Instructional & Reference Librarian, Bryant & Stratton College Milwaukee
  42. Sarah G. Wenzel, Bibliographer for Literatures of Europe & the Americas, University of Chicago
  43. Christopher Wilde, Co-founder and Research Coordinator, The Queer Zine Archive Project
  44. Mel J. Nicholas, SLIS student at UW-Madison, Infoshop volunteer
  45. Dane Spudic, Infoshop volunteer and zinephile
  46. Molly Khan, SLIS student at UW-Madison, works with digital collections and archives
  47. Alex Welborn UW-Milwaukee SOIS student
  48. Amanda Stevens, Anchor Archive Zine Library

<h1>Remote access</h1>

For those who are unable to physically be in Milwaukee for the conference there will be at least 3 different ways of participating remotely:

We’ll for sure have Skype access in 3 of the 4 spaces.

1.Download Skype from http://skype.com
2.Run the installer and follow the prompts
3.Run the application, and then click “Don’t have a Skype Name?” unless you have an existing Skype account.
4.Click “Add a Contact”
5.Under Skype Name enter “mkezl-1” and then click “Add”
6.Repeat last step for the Skype Name “mkezl-2”
7.Wait for a call from one of the previously added contacts, click “Answer”.

To view the live video feed please navigate to http://www4.uwm.edu/sois/live/ our flash based player will load and begin streaming content

During the plenary we’ll decide which Skype account will be in which space, and it will be posted with the schedule.

If you have any technical issues please contact tech support via email at: soistech@uwm.edu

Finally, the wiki will be being updated in realtime during the conference. You too can add and edit pages as needed/desired.