event details (registration, housing, etc.)

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event details (registration, housing, etc.)
&lt;h1&gt;Housing&lt;/h1&gt; SO, you're coming to Milwaukee for the ZL(u)C and are looking for places to stay. There are a couple of options: 1) Couchsurfing! If you're just looking for a couch to surf on for a couple of days, please put your name under this line. a. Honor Moody I'm flying into Milwaukee Thursday July 7, and out Sunday July 10. I also surf floors and back yards, but am doing three weeks with carry-on luggage only, so will have no bedding, tenting, etc. b. Chelsea Kirkland- July 7 getting in in the afternoon, leaving July 9 after the conference. Approaching my work on zines/ libraries from a queer anarchist perspective. I am a really good houseguest! 2) Dorm Housing - This is pending approval from the Library to host the conference there. <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www4.uwm.edu/housing/reservations/conferences/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">http://www4.uwm.edu/housing/reservations/conferences/</a> Are folks interested in group rate rooms? We've been discussing it a bit on the Zine Librarians email list--email Alycia (alyciasellie (at) gmail (dot) com) if you are interested, or add your name/a note here. I think we need more than 10 people for a "group." <ol> <li>Alycia S. Hoping to stay the evenings of July 7-9th, no preference on air conditioning</li> <li>John S.</li> <li>Chris R.</li> <li>Jeanie A.</li> <li>(maybe Maggie)</li> <li>Linda N.</li> <li>Honor M.</li> <li>Joshua B. (maybe w/ a +1)</li> <li>Marta C. I prefer no-air conditioning, but not essential. Most likely staying July 7th-9th</li> <li>Adrienne N. def with +1!</li> <li>Chelsea K. - put myself on the couchsurfer list above, but I'm also down for dorms!</li> </ol> 3) Hotels - There are a number of hotels in the area. Most are downtown, about 3-5 miles from UWM &lt;h1&gt;Registration&lt;/h1&gt; <h3 id="toc0">To register for the MKE ZL(u)C you will need to login to the wiki first.</h3> After you have logged in to the wiki add your name, alphabetically if you please: <ol> <li>Jeanie Austin, juvenile detention center librarian, volunteer librarian at UC-IMC</li> <li>Joe Austin, associate prof of history at UWM and a giant lizard monster</li> <li><a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://staff.lib.msu.edu/bartonjp" rel="nofollow">Joshua Barton</a>, Serials Catalog Librarian &amp; Philosophy Bibliographer, Michigan State University Libraries</li> <li>Kelly Bolter, Graduate Student, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www4.uwm.edu/" rel="nofollow">University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee</a></li> <li>Jeremy Brett, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.uiowa.edu/" rel="nofollow">University of Iowa</a></li> <li>Jessica Bublitz, Bottles on the Sill Zine Library; Zine and Comic Student Intern, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www4.uwm.edu/Libraries/special/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">Special Collections</a>, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www4.uwm.edu/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee</a></li> <li>Marta Chudolinska, Learning Zone Librarian, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.zinesforlunch.blogspot.com/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">OCAD Zine Library</a>, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://blog.ocad.ca/wordpress/learningzone/" rel="nofollow">OCAD University Library Learning Zone</a></li> <li>Leah Fisher, Reader Advisor, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.dpi.state.wi.us/rll/wrlbph/" rel="nofollow">Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library,</a></li> <li>Violet Fox, volunteer at Seattle's <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.hugohouse.org/content/zapp" rel="nofollow">Zine Archive and Publishing Project (ZAPP)</a></li> <li><a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://barnard.edu/profiles/jenna-freedman" rel="nofollow">Jenna Freedman</a>, Research &amp; <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://zines.barnard.edu/" rel="nofollow">Zine Librarian</a>, Barnard College</li> <li>Kathi Jakubowski, E-Resources/Serials Coordinator, UW-Milwaukee</li> <li>Tina Jayroe, graduate student, UW-M SOIS</li> <li>Kimberly, zine librarian, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.pczl.org/" rel="nofollow">Papercut Zine Library</a>MA</li> <li>Lacey Prpic Hedtke, zinester and librarian, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://zineapothecary.wordpress.com/" rel="nofollow">Zine Apothecary</a></li> <li>Jessica Horvath, UWM SOIS student, Head of Tech Services @ Eisenhower Public Library District</li> <li>Catherine Loomis, Resource Discovery Team (general cataloger &amp; Special Collections monographs and authority work), UW-Milwaukee.</li> <li>Lindsey Killips, MLIS Student, UW-Milwaukee</li> <li>Chelsea Kirkland, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://thelonghaul.org/?p=2091" rel="nofollow">The Long Haul Infoshop Zine Archive</a> in Berkeley, CA and MLIS student at San Jose State</li> <li>Alana Kumbier, Research &amp; Instruction Librarian, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://web.wellesley.edu/web/Dept/LT" rel="nofollow">Wellesley College</a></li> <li>Molly Susan Mathias, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www4.uwm.edu/libraries/about/staff/mathiasm.cfm" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">Learning Commons Coordinator</a>, UW-Milwaukee</li> <li>Kelly McElroy, Undergraduate Services Librarian, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.lib.uiowa.edu/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">University of Iowa Libraries</a></li> <li><a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.goodmorningyou.net/" rel="nofollow">Caitlin McGurk</a>, Head Librarian <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.cartoonstudies.org/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">The Center for Cartoon Studies</a>, White River Junction, VT</li> <li>Milo Miller, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.qzap.org/v6/" rel="nofollow">QZAP</a></li> <li>Honor Moody, Cataloger, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.radcliffe.edu/schlesinger_library.aspx" rel="nofollow">Schlesinger Library</a>, Cambridge, MA</li> <li>Patrick Mooney, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.torontozinelibrary.org/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">Toronto Zine Library</a></li> <li>Sarah Morean</li> <li>Adrienne Naylor, zine librarian, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.pczl.org/" rel="nofollow">Papercut Zine Library</a>, Somerville, MA</li> <li>Linda Nguyen, MLIS student, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.stkate.edu/academic/mlis/" rel="nofollow">St. Catherine University</a></li> <li>Debbie Rasmussen, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://%20http//zinemobile.wordpress.com%20" rel="nofollow">Fly Away Zine Mobile</a></li> <li>Stephanie Renner, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://cheeringandwaving.tumblr.com/" rel="nofollow">Cheering and Waving Press</a>, hoping to road trip to attend from Chillicothe, Ohio</li> <li><a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.careercenter.illinois.edu/aboutus/staff#critzo" rel="nofollow">Chris Ritzo</a>, Information Management Specialist, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.illinois.edu/" rel="nofollow">Univ. of Illinois Urbana</a>, Volunteer librarian, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.ucimc.org/" rel="nofollow">UC-IMC</a> <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://library.ucimc.org/" rel="nofollow">Library</a></li> <li>Lisa Schelling, GIS Librarian, UW-Milwaukee</li> <li>Jim Schultz, UWM School of Information Studies (IT Support)</li> <li><a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://alycia.brokenja.ws/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">Alycia Sellie</a>, Instructor, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://brooklyn.cuny.edu/pub/Faculty_Details5.jsp?faculty=968" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">Brooklyn College</a></li> <li>Kelsey Smith, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.trl.org/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">Olympia Timberland Library</a>, hoping to attend remotely in some capacity.</li> <li>Ben Specht, UWM School of Information Studies (IT Support)</li> <li>John Stevens, Librarian, Rare Printed &amp; Arts Teams, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.slv.vic.gov.au/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">State Library of Victoria (Australia)</a></li> <li>Brian Thompson, UWM School of Information Studies (IT Support)</li> <li>Jerianne Thompson, Collection Development Coordinator, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.linebaugh.org/zines.htm" rel="nofollow">Linebaugh Public Library</a>, and editor/publisher, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.undergroundpress.org/" rel="nofollow">Zine World</a></li> <li>Jude Vachon, Librarian/<a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://carnegielibrary.org/research/news/zines.html" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">Zine Librarian</a>, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh</li> <li>Carolyn Weber, Instructional &amp; Reference Librarian, Bryant &amp; Stratton College Milwaukee</li> <li>Sarah G. Wenzel, Bibliographer for Literatures of Europe &amp; the Americas, University of Chicago</li> <li>Christopher Wilde, Co-founder and Research Coordinator, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www.qzap.org/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">The Queer Zine Archive Project</a></li> <li>Mel J. Nicholas, SLIS student at UW-Madison, Infoshop volunteer</li> <li>Dane Spudic, Infoshop volunteer and zinephile</li> <li>Molly Khan, SLIS student at UW-Madison, works with digital collections and archives</li> <li>Alex Welborn UW-Milwaukee SOIS student</li> <li>Amanda Stevens, <a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://robertsstreet.org/" rel="nofollow">Anchor Archive Zine Library</a></li> </ol> &lt;h1&gt;Remote access&lt;/h1&gt; <h3 id="toc0">For those who are unable to physically be in Milwaukee for the conference there will be at least 3 different ways of participating remotely:</h3> We'll for sure have Skype access in 3 of the 4 spaces. <strong>HOW-TO:</strong> 1.Download Skype from <span class="Object"><a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://skype.com/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">http://skype.com</a></span> 2.Run the installer and follow the prompts 3.Run the application, and then click “Don’t have a Skype Name?” unless you have an existing Skype account. 4.Click “Add a Contact” 5.Under Skype Name enter “mkezl-1” and then click “Add” 6.Repeat last step for the Skype Name “mkezl-2” 7.Wait for a call from one of the previously added contacts, click “Answer”. To view the live video feed please navigate to <span class="Object"><a class="wiki_link_ext" href="http://www4.uwm.edu/sois/live/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">http://www4.uwm.edu/sois/live/</a></span> our flash based player will load and begin streaming content During the plenary we'll decide which Skype account will be in which space, and it will be posted with the <a class="wiki_link" href="http://mkezluc.wikispaces.com/Potential%20Schedule">schedule</a>. If you have any technical issues please contact tech support via email at: <span class="Object"><a class="wiki_link_ext" href="mailto:soistech@uwm.edu" rel="nofollow">soistech@uwm.edu</a></span> Finally, the wiki will be being updated in realtime during the conference. You too can add and edit pages as needed/desired.

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