DIY Archiving Practice at 56a Infoshop

From zine scholar Kiyoshi Murakami in Japan comes a series of posts titled “Zines, Archiving, and Activism—the Horizons Opened up by Their Interlocking Developments” published in the webzine AMeeT (Art Meets Technology). Part 2 and 3 of a 4-part series, “DIY Archiving Practice at 56a Infoshop,” describes 56a Infoshop, the London DIY social center.

If you don’t read Japanese, Kiyoshi suggests using DeepL Translator for a translation.

screenshot from article featuring the full shelves of London's 56a Infoshop and the sentence "In each room, bookshelves that reach to the ceiling are installed along all walls, and materials are packed into them without gaps."

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