Zine Pavilion 2023 details

The Zine Pavilion will be back at the American Library Association (ALA) conference in Chicago from June 23-26, 2023. If you’re attending the ALA conference, please be sure to stop by the Zine Pavilion to see hundreds of zines on display, enter our raffle to potentially win zines for your library, or talk with the dozens of zinesters who will be selling their zines!

Find the Zine Pavilion on the exhibit hall floor (also called the “Library Marketplace”). We‘ll be located at booth number 2444 (towards the back of the hall); see this interactive map of the exhibit hall. We have the same hours as the exhibit hall.

Event schedule (all events held at the Zine Pavilion unless otherwise noted):

ALA 2023 Chicago Collaborative Zine (Friday through Sunday)
Create a page for the annual ALA Conference zine! A table with supplies to express your conference feels, ideas, or anything that strikes your fancy will be set up at the Zine Pavilion. Return between noon and 2 pm on Monday to get your own copy of the final zine. The collaborative zine will also be posted on the Zine Pavilion Tumblr after the event.

Zine Swap (Friday 5:30-7 pm)
Bring a few copies of your zine to swap and share with other zine creators. Can’t make it the first evening? Don’t worry! An area to swap and share zines will remain up on the Zine Pavilion information table throughout the weekend.

Queer Zinester Meet-up (Friday 8:30pm)
Get to know other queer zinesters at an off-site meet-up with light refreshments. Non-alcoholic beverages will be available but you are welcome to bring some of your own!

Zines?? Students as Knowledge Creators (Saturday 11 am-noon)
Can zines be an acceptable form of a college student’s final project rather than a final research paper in higher education? YES! Community College Librarian and Professor of Information Literacy, Rosa Bernal, presents how she teaches her Information Studies course so students can be knowledge creators in the form of a zine. While students become experts in their chosen topics and experience making a zine in Canva, they also learn information literacy skills using the ACRL (Academic College and Research Libraries) Information Literacy framework and effectively using traditional and electronic library resources. Students also become acquainted with the history of zines, zine making, and their D.I.Y. purpose and see themselves as legitimate self-publishers by the end of the course.

Incarcerated People as Zinesters Panel (Saturday 1-2:30 pm)
Listen to a discussion about the Anthony Rayson Zine Collection and the place of zines by incarcerated people outside of libraries/archives between Anthony Rayson (South Chicago ABC Zine Distro), Derek Potts (DePaul University Special Collections), Rachel Jones (Interference Archive), Ai Miller (Strange Deer Press), Jeremy Hammond (Midwest Books to Prisoners) and Andrea Kszystyniak (Omaha Zine Fest Co-Founder and Organizer). There will be free zines selected from the Anthony Rayson Collection to take with you!

Zines from Creation to the Stacks (Sunday 10-11 am)
Zine cataloging can be interesting, intimidating, and puzzling all at the same time. Join a small group discussion at the Zine Pavilion to share tips and tricks for describing DIY publications which can defy traditional standards. Zine cataloger Violet Fox and zinester and artist Kee Merriweather will be discussing the intricacies of zine cataloging from the perspective of a librarian and a zine creator.

Zines! Let Creativity Flow in Your School Library: No Grading Allowed (Sunday 1-2 pm)
In this workshop facilitated by Lisa Bishop, the goal is to unleash creativity in your school library and collaborate differently with your teaching colleagues. Learn the how-tos of making zines with your students in the school library and find zine festivals to exhibit and promote your students’ art, words, ideas and teach them to sell, barter, and more.

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