Zine Reviews: another list?

No one probably really cares about seeing the answers to this one, but I said there were seven questions, so if I only published six, you’d all be wondering what the last one was.

Q. Would it be too annoying if I set up another discussion list for this discussion?


  • Maybe you can create a second Yahoo group where these things can be discussed–someone isn’t sure about a topic, get other opinions.
  • I think it would be good to keep the discussions we have available. I’ll want to come back to some of the details later.
  • Another discussion list for this would be fine.
  • No, I think another list would be fine.
  • I would be fine with another discussion list.
  • I’d prefer not to have another discussion list, but I’m not going to drop out if you make one 🙂


In thinking about what zine reviews in a major library publication would look like, I posed several questions to a group of potential zine reviewers. This is #7 of 7.
(people who contributed, let me know if you want me to remove your comment–or to cite it with your name)

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