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  • Registration is closed as of 7/15/14. If you plan to attend and haven’t signed up yet, please email kelly.wooten at duke dot edu. 
  • Then add your name and zine library to the list if you are planning on attending this year’s conference so all your cool zine friends know you are coming.

  1. Milo Miller – QZAP
  2. Jenna Freedman – Barnard Zine Library
  3. Honor Moody – Schlesinger Library
  4. Kelly Wooten- Sallie Bingham Center @ Duke University
  5. Jude Vachon – Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
  6. Rhonda Kauffman – no where in particular
  7. Jennifer Hecker – University of Texas Libraries/Austin Fanzine Project
  8. Joshua Barton – Michigan State University Libraries
  9. Celina Williams – Virginia Commonwealth University
  10. Kelly McElroy – University of Iowa
  11. Sarah Carrier, Duke University
  12. Katie Yow, Internationalist Books and Community Center, Chapel Hill, NC
  13. Heather Gendron, UNC Chapel Hill, Sloane Art Library
  14. Josh Hockensmith, UNC-Chapel Hill
  15. Teresa Chapa, Davis Library, UNC-Chapel Hill 
  16. Pamela Jackson, East Wake H.S.
  17. Pat Adams-Caskie, Greensboro, NC
  18. Lisa Darms, Fales Library; Special Collections, NYU 
  19. Daniela Capistrano, POC Zine Project (New Orleans) 
  20. Lillian Karabaic, Independent Publishing Resource Center (Portland, OR) 
  21. Kurt Blythe, UNC-Chapel Hill 
  22. Amber Garza, Zineworks; Los Angeles/Riverside, CA
  23. Violet Fox, late of ZAPP, Chicago IL
  24. Jeremy Brett, Texas A & M
  25. kimberly, Boston / Papercut Zine Library
  26. Madeline Veitch, SUNY New Paltz
  27. Jan Radway, Northwestern University (Evanston, IL)
  28. Lisa Williams, Watkins College of Art, Design & Film Library
  29. Noemi Martinez, Rio Grande Valley, TX
  30. Nicole Misha Campbell, Durham, NC
  31. Amy McDonald, Duke University
  32. Kristan Shawgo, Chapel Hill, NC


In case you’ve been looking for them, the conference dates are July 17th-19th. 




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  1. I won’t be able to attend the ZLUC this year. Many tears are currently staining my cheeks. Hope you all have an amazing time, as I’m sure you will! not bitter at all!!!!!

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