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ZLuC 2024 COVID Policy

Amid an ongoing airborne pandemic, we strongly encourage mask usage during indoor portions of the unconference. Free KN95 masks will be made available to attendees upon arrival.

If possible, test for COVID before arriving on-site and upon returning home from the ZLuC. If you test positive beforehand, or are experiencing symptoms of what could be COVID, please do not come to the unconference and risk infecting others, even if you think it might be “just a cold” or “allergies.” If you test positive after the unconference, please email any of the unconference organizers and inform them of your positive status so they can inform other attendees. If you are unable to attend due to illness, your registration fees will be refunded upon request.

Indoors and outdoors at the unconference, please be mindful of your physical distance to other attendees. Mask usage will be optional outdoors at ZLuC. Some presenters at the unconference may prefer that you mask, and we ask that you respect their wishes. 

At Bobst Library, windows can’t be opened. However, doors can be opened to increase air flow. There are three air filters* that are mobile and available; one remains in the library’s sensory space. In addition, CO2 monitors will be used during indoor sessions to keep track of air quality.

Our COVID policy is intended to keep ZLuC attendees healthy and to foster inclusivity, allowing all to enjoy the unconference with decreased risk of transmission. ZLuC organizers have the right to ask any attendee violating our COVID policy to adjust their behavior or leave the unconference for the sake of community care. We keep us safe.



*More detailed info about the air filters and cleaning procedures at NYU:

  • The three portable air filters each purify 1,748 square feet every 60 minutes.
  • Everyday cleaning protocols include detailed cleaning of the lobby, mezzanine and gallery (furniture, tables, carpeting), all restrooms, and all common areas and offices.