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A one-day Zine Librarians’ (un)Conference will be held Monday October 26 2015 at the Olympia Timberland Library in Olympia, WA, and we’d love to have you there!

Help us figure out a game plan by filling out the simple form below if you are planning on attending (or even if you’re a “maybe”).

Currently registered list:

  1. Kelsey Smith, Timberland Regional Library
  2. Violet Fox, late of ZAPP, currently in the middle of Minnesota
  3. Joshua Barton, Michigan State University Libraries
  4. Matthew Murray, Vancouver
  5. Ally Mackey, Olympia Timberland Library
  6. elena, brown recluse zine distro
  7. Chaya Grossberg, Olympia WA
  8. Mary E. Higgins, IPRC
  9. Naomi, Timberland Regional Library
  10. Nicki, Olympia WA
  11. Nik Dragovic, Emory University
  12. Gina Murrell, Eugene OR
  13. Kelly McElroy, Oregon State University
  14. Milo Miller, QZAP
  15. Lisa Oldoski, Pierce County Library


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