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Have an idea for a workshop or presentation? Add it here! If you’re willing to facilitate or participate in a workshop or presentation, add your name after the idea. If you like the idea, go in and add your initials after the workshop or presentation idea. We have room in the schedule for 5 more workshops or presentations or 6 if nobody cares about the Ignite presentations.

  1. Zine Code of Ethics discussion
    (MM) (KS)
  2. Zinecore cataloging schema update
  3. Ignite presentations- 5 minute presentations about a variety of zine topics
  4. Ziners advisory- getting the right zines into the right hands
  5. How to start and maintain a volunteer-run zine library
  6. Zine library show and tell- people share information about their zine libraries and crowdsource solutions to problems or share tips and tricks
  7. Zine review round robin- everybody shares a zine they have been digging lately
  8. Vegan donuts
  9. Lolcats (KS)
  10. animal videos (KS)
  11. Zine workshops- how to and tips and tricks
  12. Some kind of zine game- ideas? Maybe Best Game Ever by Billy Da Bunny?
  13. Collaborative zine- topic suggestions welcome! (if people were into it, we can letterpress covers after the zine conference is over for anyone that wants to stay later?)
  14. Service project- what can we work on together for part of the day? (KS)
  15. I’ve been dreaming of making a zine of Mad Libs from other folks zine articles.  I feel like that could cover 11+12 (milo) (KS)


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