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Registration for ZLuC 2010

Please register by leaving your name below. Include your zine library or other affiliation too, to help everyone get to know each other! There has been some discussion via email as well- if you are interested in being in the email loop, send me an email from your preferred email address to shortycowboy at comcast dot net. Thanks!

  1. Kelly McElroy (former ZAPPer and PZS organizer, newly minted librarian)
  2. Kelsey Smith (Timberland Regional Library, Olympia WA)
  3. Emily-Jane Dawson (Multnomah County Library, Portland OR)
  4. Kathryn Higgins (Brown University, ZAPP alum!)
  5. Jerianne Thompson (Linebaugh Public Library, Murfreesboro TN, and Zine World editor/publisher)
  6. Laural Winter (Multnomah County Library, Portland OR)
  7. Kim Riot- attending for half a day (GZAGG collective, Special Collections Archivist & bike enthusiast, San Diego, CA)
  8. Cathy Camper Multnomah County Library Portland OR
  9. Danielle Rodeo Warhola (formerly ZAPP, Resume of Charm, Ms. Valerie park)(Danielle didn’t make it…)
  10. Lindsae Sindalu- Bird’s Nest Zine Library, Spokane
  11. Rachel Arkoosh- Emporia MLS Student OR-11

Also attended: Nicki Sabalu & Allynn Carpenter.

General chatter 2010

This is a place for general information: questions about housing, transportation, where to get lunch, etc.

Survey Results

  1. Please select your preferred work party task for the zine librarians conference. You can add one of your own ideas, as well. Shared policy & procedure repository- 3 votes; adding entries to 5 votes; shared controlled vocabulary/thesaurus for zine subjects- 4 votes; no work party- 1 vote
  2. How much time would you like for the work party portion of the conference? (Note: we have 7 hours total minus lunch, so more work party time means less presentation/panels/discussion time) 2.5 hours- 2 votes; 2 hours- 4 votes; 1.5 hours- 1 vote; no work party time- 2 votes
  3. How much time would you like for lunch? 30 minutes- 1 vote; 45 minutes- 3 votes; 1 hour- 4 votes; 1 hour & 15 minutes- 1 vote. Added comment- Group discussions can happen during lunch, too.
  4. Do you think we should try to record/film/live stream/skype parts of the conference? Yes- 4 votes; No- zero votes; Don’t really care- 5 votes
  5. Are you planning to attend the conference? Yes- 6 votes; No- 3 votes; Maybe- zero votes
  6. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us? (this is an optional question) I live in the SE and would have loved to attend, but can’t make it this year. I hope this year’s PZC goes great and that you guys have cogent, fruitful discussions.” “I wish I could come, but it is my first day of school for the year!” “This is going to be off the hook!”

What do we need in way of supplies?

  1. laptop — I can bring my personal laptop (Kelly), me too, I’ll bring my Mac (kelsey) I think the more laptops, the better- if you’ve got one, please bring it! (kelsey)
  2. wireless internet access — MCL provides free wifi
  3. digital projector — would MCL maybe let us borrow one? We could use a projector when we are at North Portland Library but I don’t know that we can bring one to PSU. If we need one for PSU we should talk to Alex and Blue-PZS organizers. (Laural) I’ll talk to Jerianne about that- I think she was envisioning more of a moderated discussion at the symposium than a formal presentation, in which case we wouldn’t need a projector. Jerianne? (kelsey)
  4. big pads & pens for brainstorming — MCL can provide these (Emily-Jane)
  5. nametags- can MCL provide? – I can bring these (Kelly)
  6. coffee & tea –local folks, can any of you snoop around for donations? 8-24– any progress on this? (kelsey) — Okay, we’ve got some beans from Ristretto Roasters (yay!) and Cellar Door Coffee (yay!) but can we borrow a kettle and coffeemaker from MCL or one of the Portlanders? I can bring a big French press if need be (Kelly) Kelly, you ROCK! Thank you! (kelsey)
  7. snax — local folks, can any of you snoop around for donations? 8-24– any progress on this? (kelsey) — I’ve sent out some queries, will post as I hear… (Kelly)
  8. should we attempt distance communication with skype or something similar? Poll outcome on this question was nearly split between yes and don’t care- I’ll bring my Flip video camera and if anybody else wants to bring recording type equipment or be responsible for trying to record the conference, that’s great… otherwise, we won’t worry about it (kelsey)

  • I like the schedule newly posted on the “Schedule” page, but I’m wondering how we can deal with actually scheduling things in this format. It seems like we either need an autocrat, or we need some time at the beginning of the meeting to discuss and make a plan. If we choose the later, it has a downside — it means everyone would have to be on time! (Emily-Jane) Some of the presenters have limited time availability and would rather know when they are scheduled to present- I vote for an autocratic approach given the amount of time we have left to work things out, with the expectation that people please speak up if they have opinions on the order of things/amount of time per presentation/etc… we could also try to put together some sort of survey? (Kelsey) Great! but who is willing to be the autocrat? Are you, Kelsey? (Emily-Jane) Since you and I appear to be the bossiest ones up in heah, I propose a team autocrat effort! (Kelsey)
  • I’m willing to do a session on outreach to schools and incarcerated kids…I could jump in with Kim Riott at 11 am or at some other time, if people have an interest. (Cathy Camper) Cathy, I think this sounds great. I emailed Kim to see what she thought, send me your email address and I’ll connect you two… (Kelsey)
  • I’m wondering how to plan for discussion time during this meeting. I’d really like to hear other librarians’ ideas, experiences, and thoughts about different aspects of our work, and I’d be willing to facilitate discussion, but it’s difficult to gauge which topics might be of most interest. Any thoughts? The subjects that most appeal to me are: succeeding with zine collections in an institutional setting, and professional development for zine librarians. (Emily-Jane) I’d say the best way to make sure subjects get discussed is to add them to the presentation roster- we could have a half hour/45 minute discussion on either or both of these topics with you acting as moderator, or, we could just have a half hour/45 minute round robin where we talk about whatever we want… this would make the work session shorter, but that’s okay with me if it’s okay with others. I’m also very interested in talking about succeeding with zine collections in institutional settings. (Kelsey)
  • Nora Mukaihata from ZAPP wanted to let us know that she can’t make it because John Porcellino and Noah Van Sciver will be at ZAPPon Monday night at 7. Does anyone have any interest in ending the conference a little earlier than planned (or some can stay and some can go) and caravanning up to Seattle for the reading? (Kelsey) I’m game! (Kelly)
  • Does anyone want to submit a proposal for a discussion panel or something during the Zine Symposium? If so, let’s brainstorm. Jerianne and I have been talking about this a bit… deadline for workshop/panel/discussions is August 14th. (Kelsey) Added info: Jerianne submitted a proposal, we’re confirmed for Saturday, 4pm if anyone wants to join us. Description (written by Jerianne)- Join zine librarians for a discussion about issues pertaining to zine collections in libraries. Any zine publisher, reader, infoshop volunteer, or librarian (traditional or non) is welcome to attend. Potential issues to be discussed include ethical issues, collecting donated zines, digitizing zines, cataloging zines, policies, programming, outreach, etc. This would be more of a moderated open discussion than a panel/workshop.
  • Seems like people might be intimidated by presenting… what about presenting things in the Pecha Kucha style? Pecha Kucha is a rapid fire presentation with 20 slides for 20 seconds each.
  • or doing very brief presentations of five minutes or less? We could set aside some time for brief presentations if that’s attractive to folks. (Emily-Jane) Great idea- I like this, Emily-Jane! Maybe we could set 1/2 hour aside in the morning for spontaneous short presentations. (Kelsey)
  • More presentation inspiration:
  • Lunch– what’s close by, Portlanders? Can you list some decent places here? Pho Jasmine (714 N Killingsworth) is a good casual Vietnamese restaurant. The Cherry Sprout Market (772 N Sumner, or two blocks west and three blocks south of the library) has fruit, vegetables, groceries and a few ready-to-eat items. E’Njoni Cafe (910 N Killingsworth), has excellent Ethiopian/Eritrean food plus some seriously decedent desserts. (Emily-Jane) AWESOME- I’m all about the Ethiopian food. (Kelsey)
  • Housing– does everybody have a place to stay? If not, discuss here — I have a couch that folds out and live within walking distance of North Portland Library! Let me know if you need a place (Emily-Jane)
  • Video conference/documentation — I haven’t heard if anyone actually is interested in tuning in to the conference in real-time. I can look into that, but I won’t bother if no one is interested. I will see if I can wrassle up a camera to use to take footage which we could post on the wiki. And, since I’m a nerd, I’m going to propose the twitter hashtag #zlc in case folks like social mediaing like that. (Kelly)
  • Publicity: I have asked Blue to make announcements during PZS, and have posted on the PZS forum. I have also sent out an announcement to the UBC School of Library, Archival and Information Studies (phew!) student list-serv. Other places to target? (Kelly) I sent it to the ischool and the Emporia SLIM listservs, and posted an invite on We Make Zines and Facebook. I can’t think of anywhere else… (kelsey)
  • I’m staying in Hollywood- if anybody’s traveling from there to the conference… otherwise, I’ve got the bus schedule all worked out! (kelsey)