Library Journal to feature zine reviews!

In case anyone’s been wondering what all this talk of zine reviews is all about, here it is:

Beginning with the March 1, 2008 issue, Library Journal will feature a zine review four times a year. Jenna Freedman, the Zine Librarian at Barnard College will edit the column, which will be handled at LJ by magazine reviews editor Anna Katterjohn.

Freedman’s plan for the column is to alternate columns with multiple reviewers–in the style of Library Journal‘s regular book reviews with guest contributed themed columns more similar to this one on graphic novels. Over twenty zine librarians and other library workers, zine publishers, zine fest organizers, the editor of a successful zine review zine, a professional writer, and general zineophiles from all over the country, representing academic, public, and school librarians serving all populations are on the roster of reviewers.

Many of us zine librarian types are ecstatic to see zines’ presence in libraries aided and legitimized by their appearance as a regular feature in an important library publication–one with nearly 20,000 paid subscribers (per Ulrich’s).

Stay tuned to the Library Journal blog for a more formal announcement, in February 2008, or so.

2 thoughts on “Library Journal to feature zine reviews!

  1. Forgot to mention–if you want to be a reviewer, please send 2 sample zine reviews (in the style of a Library Journal review, as much as possible, but shorter) to zines at barnard dot the usual domain for institutes of higher education.

  2. Jerianne from Zine World told me I should expect zine publishers to start asking where to send zines for review. I guess I should have thought of that!

    Generally speaking I’m hoping zine reviewers will have zines on hand that they want to review, but I will still accept submissions. No promises, though!

    Jenna Freedman
    (attn: Library Journal zine reviews)
    Barnard College Library
    3009 Broadway
    NYC 10027

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