IZLuC2020 Spokes Notes: 24 October 2020

We are preparing for IZL(u)C 2020, to be held online October 30-November 1 (start and end dates vary by timezone!) For more info see: http://zinelibraries.info/wiki/zluc2020/

On Saturday 24th October, 22.00-23.00 UTC we held a meeting of reps from the different spokes (working groups) working together on organising IZL(u)C 2020. The meeting was facilitated by Kelly, notes were taken by Ella. In attendance were Kat (DEI), April, Ziba, and Milo (outreach and promo), Kassi, Kelsey, André and Ella (programming), Matthew (tech), Kelly, Jenna, and Lilith (co-ordinating).

The main focus of the meeting was checking in with spokes, following up on action items from the previous week and seeing what needed to be done the following week.

DEI: DEI created two best practices documents, which will be published to the wiki. There was discussion about their process for making accommodations for folks, and we will seek additional help for that process.

Documentation: Documentation wasn’t represented, but Coordinating will contact them to get note-taking documents up.

Programming: Programming is still looking to fill one set programming block. There was also discussion of some of the logistics: contacting facilitators with information, providing opening/closing language for them to use, and so on.

Outreach Promotion: O-P will continue posting lovely promo images, and will create Facebook events to share. There was also discussion of how to set up an autoreply in DMs in some social media sites.

Technology: Technology showed Discord, invited people to join. Tech will also help make sure all Zoom links are created/available to facilitators.

Co-ordinating: Co-ordinating will schedule a debrief session after IZL(u)C.

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