Input, please!

Multiple groups of zine librarians are developing a codes of ethic (name might change) and want feedback from zine creators, zine readers, zine librarians, zine scholars and whoever all else wants to give their input.


Code of ethics revision – Access (saving it as a G document to see if that will better facilitate collaboration)
Code of ethics revision – Use
Code of ethics revision – Acquisitions (Heidy’s updates at the bottom, still in progress)



Code of ethics draft preamble
Code of ethics draft – Access
Code of ethics draft- Privacy
Code of Ethics Draft: Use
Code of Ethics – Acquisitions
Code of Ethics Draft – Subject Analysis

Please provide your feedback in the comments for each separate page. If that’s burdensome, share feedback some other way! You can email Jenna Freedman if you want. The due date is February 14th at midnight your time. Thanks!

One thought on “Input, please!

  1. I used my real name in zines I produced in the early 2000s and I regret it, for professional and personal reasons, so I read this draft with interest. I have given up on ever dissociating my real name from the work (work, by the way, of which I am still quite proud), but I think these privacy issues continue to be important.

    And this draft is so well considered and beautifully phrased. Powerful!

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