Fly Zine Archive at Minneapolis Institute of Art

A new exhibit titled “The Fly Zine Archive: A Chronicle of Punk, Queer, and Anarchist Counterculture” is opening at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) on July 15, 2021. The exhibit will be open through April 2022. The archive consists of nearly 2,000 printed works – zines, comics, pamphlets and more – collected by activist Fly Orr and created by “punk, anarchist, feminist and LGBTQ+ artists.”

Read more about the Fly Zine Archive in this 2020 post from Ian Karp: “Rebel voice: Inside the Fly Zine Archive, a chronicle of punk, queer, and DIY counterculture” and explore more about the creation of the exhibit in this July 2021 article from the University of Minnesota student newspaper, “Recent UMN grad organizes new zine exhibition at Minneapolis Institute of Art.”

screenshot of exhibit webpage with collage artwork and text with details about the Fly Zine Archive exhibit

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