Best Icebreaker Ever zine

Best Icebreaker Ever printable one-page zine

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Inspired by Alana and Noah’s “Icebreakers are Awkward” zine, Jamie Glass created a zine for library student worker training—it’s a one-pager and a quick ‘n’ easy way to get to know people! Use and adapt as desired.

3 thoughts on “Best Icebreaker Ever zine

  1. I will fill out your zine via the comment box!

    1) Print books or e-books? Matt reads: both!

    2) If Matt was stuck on an island, he would bring this book to read: Bible. Yes, the Bible. So many stories interconnected. So many perspectives on how to interpret.

    3) Draw a quick portrait of: Since I am typing, I will give this portrait of Spongebob Squarepants: [8^D]|]=

    4) The best book Matt has read lately was: “Rethinking a Lot: The Problems and Pleasures of Having It Both Ways.”

    5) Matt is excited to work in a library because: I work at a content syndicate, has some similarities to a library.

    6) The best book-to-movie/TV adaptation Matt has seen is: I believe I don’t have the combination of having both read the book and seen the movie. I suppose the closest is “Death Star” by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry. Which is really a book based off the movie, not a movie based off a book. But the book fills in many of the plot holes from the movie.

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