ZLuC 2019 POC Travel Grant

Every year, the zine libraries community raises money to help a person of color attend the Zine Librarians unConference (ZLuC). This year’s ZLuC will be held July 19 and 20 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Registration for all attendees is free; this grant is intended to help with associated travel and/or childcare costs. We will have low-cost housing available (details announced soon), and homestay options to help defray housing costs.

If you are Black, Indigenous, and/or a POC and would like to apply for the ZLuC 2019 POC Travel Grant, please apply here: http://tinyurl.com/ZLuC2019travelgrant. Recipients of the ZLuC 2018 travel grant are not eligible for this year’s grant, but previous years’ recipients/applicants are welcome to apply.

If you’re able to support the ZLuC 2019 POC Travel Grant with funding, please send donations via Paypal to juliahuddleston[at the] gmail [dot] com. There’s also a Paypal donation button on the sidebar of this site. If you’d prefer to contribute without using Paypal, please email the address above and we’ll figure out an alternate method.

If you’re not able to donate funds right now, please help by spreading the word!

Applications and donations will be accepted until Sunday March 30, 2019. All applicants will be contacted by Monday April 15.

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