Zine Librarians Code of Ethics second edition

The Zine Librarians Code of Ethics (ZLCoE) was drafted in 2014/2015 and published in print form in November 2015. It was the labor of love of an informal group of library & archives workers who wanted to share their knowledge of the zine community’s norms and how they saw those intersecting with libraries and archives practices.

The zine librarian community has been talking about updating the ZLCoE for a while now; let’s make it happen! Please join me over Zoom for an informal session discussing what should be updated and how we’ll make it happen. If you haven’t read the Code of Ethics recently, it’d be great if you could do so before the meeting so we can talk about what we like and what we’d like to add or revise.

Meeting details: Zoom/virtual meeting. Friday November 11 (2 pm eastern, 1 pm Central, noon Mountain, 11 am Pacific). Registration required.

Can’t make the meeting? Here’s a quick form to fill out for your thoughts about what we should add or change in the next edition, and to add your email address if you’d like to be involved in the second edition in some way.

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